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Blu-ray Review - Fear

FEAR Mark Wahlberg

Before he was Mark Wahlberg, king of Hollywood, he was once Marky Mark. A flexing rapper with his group The Funky Bunch, Wahlberg enjoyed some degree of MTV-assisted success, but clearly there was no future in shirtless video dancing and the occasional modeling campaign. Acting was his big ticket out, and the industry welcomed him with open arms, feeding him supporting work in "The Basketball Diaries" and "Renaissance Man," but the real test of Wahlberg's skill as a potential leading man arrived with 1996's "Fear." Handed a role that required a certain level of insular emoting and broad display of serpentine brawn, Wahlberg was a perfect candidate for the part, guided by director James Foley, who was coming down from a career high working on 1992's "Glengarry Glen Ross." Cruelly, instead of creating a feature of sinister ooze, the production serves up a laughable thriller that's one of the all-time goofiest movies, avoiding a tough inspection of troubling emotional speeds and stunted communication to sneeze out a confused, half-realized story of obsession and domination, with the layers of ultimate evil handed to a guy who can't act. Read the rest at



I actually like this movie as a guilty pleasure and all but this is an awesome review.

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