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Film Review - All Superheroes Must Die


Superheroes have enjoyed a great deal of cinematic success in recent years, packaged in films blessed with enormous budgets capable of bringing intricate comic book worlds and high-flying superpowers to life. “All Superheroes Must Die” elects the opposite route for its fantasy feel, barely spending any money to detail trouble brewing between a team of troubled, costumed champions and their nefarious enemy. Painfully amateurish and poorly scripted, “All Superheroes Must Die” is a chore to sit through, even at only 75 minutes in length. Writer/director/producer/star/editor Jason Trost has a germ of an idea here that’s intriguing, but no coin to bring it to life, keeping his movie flat, generic looking, and tedious. Who knew masked avengers on a perilous mission could be so dull? Read the rest at


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