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Full confession: I'm not a fan of comic books. It's not my field of expertise, not a page-turning pastime that was burned into my routine as a young boy. These days, it's difficult to go without an OCD knowledge of the industry, especially as someone who spends most of the day watching comic-inspired screen entertainment, hit with all types of heroes and obscure characters boasting rich ink and paint histories only the truest of the true fan could decode. And colleagues in possession of such knowledge? Transformed into message board deities. The beauty of director Ron Mann's 1988 documentary, "Comic Book Confidential," is that it requires little homework to enjoy, creating an air of artistic accomplishment and expression without working through the suffocating details of history, hitting the viewer with brief blasts of idiosyncrasy and storytelling that provide a secure appreciation of the personalities involved with the production. Read the rest at


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