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Film Review - Resident Evil: Retribution


There’s hope in the opening ten minutes of “Resident Evil: Retribution” that writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson might to able to turn this tattered franchise around, taking a few moments to reconnect to the previous sequels through an introductory recap from our monotone heroine, Alice. For a brand name that’s prided itself on nonsensical scripting, it’s strange to watch this fifth installment take a breath to fit the puzzle pieces together, pretending the earlier pictures actually made sense, with “Retribution” hinting at an enormous refocus of priority on an actual plot. Sadly, it’s all a tease. A loud, explosive tease. Instead of storytelling bravery, “Retribution” shoves the series deeper into absurdity, continuing the quest of 2010’s “Resident Evil: Afterlife” to contort a once promising zombie stomp into a stilted, baffling 3D fireworks display. Read the rest at


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