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Film Review - Dredd

DREDD Still 2

The last time we saw the character of Judge Dredd on the big screen, it was in a 1995 Sylvester Stallone vehicle from Disney. While interestingly designed and occasionally inspired, “Judge Dredd” was a misfire, tanking an opportunity to bring the cult comic book bruiser (first inked in 1977) to life in the manner he was originally conceived. It took time, but enterprising financiers have decided to try again with Dredd, this time sticking close to the source material to inspire a cinematic do over, shedding a Hollywood action bonanza atmosphere to go grittier, keeping the character masked and mean as he’s once again sent out to assess the wicked citizens of Mega-City One. Second time’s a charm with “Dredd,” which brings out the agony of this world and the duty of the protagonist with a welcome discomfort, hitting consistent points of futuristic fury in a supremely entertaining picture. Read the rest at


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