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Blu-ray Review - Hocus Pocus

HOCUS POCUS Midler Najimy Parker

It's been surprising to watch "Hocus Pocus" develop a cult following since its release in 1993, amassing a passionate group of fans raised on VHS rentals and routine basic cable showings. It's a declaration of love that certainly wasn't there during its initial theatrical run, where the sharp minds at Disney released an exhaustively Halloween-centric story in mid-July, and then seemed surprised when the picture bombed. Any film that displays the ability to rise from the box office ashes and sustain popularity for nearly two decades is a minor cinematic miracle in my book, but I have to wonder, why has "Hocus Pocus" bewitched a vocal minority? A bland, unfunny oddity with overly manic execution and a few strange tonal detours, the feature desires to be a colorful, politely spooky creation, only to elicit blank stares. Perhaps I underestimate the power of its generational hold, yet considering the potential of a broad Disney witch romp, "Hocus Pocus" is an incredibly mediocre movie. Read the rest at


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