Film Review - The Tall Man
Minnesota State Fair 2012 - Day Eight

Film Review - Lawless


It’s difficult to recommend “Lawless” to the average moviegoer. It’s a film that contains scenes of pure evil, with lacerating violence to back up its arguments, making it extremely troubling for those with sensitivity to screen brutality. Thankfully, there’s a consistently impressive effort inside its grim ambiance, embellishing its Depression-era setting just enough to activate splendidly as an offering of pulp cinema, keeping viewers glued to dramatic developments and widescreen menace. It’s a rough feature, yet this intensity keeps the material on task. Instead of lounging around as an evocative slice of backwoods history, “Lawless” stands up straight as a revenge picture, with flawed heroes and a villain of unparalleled sliminess. Read the rest at


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