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Film Review - The Hunger Games


It’s understandable to find such fervor surrounding “The Hunger Games.” It’s a large-scale dark fantasy puckered with teen romance and broad displays of heroism, ornamented with sci-fi touches and outrageous characters. The material, created by author Suzanne Collins, is a nice fit for the big screen, creating an extraordinary opportunity for spectacle prepared with superfans in mind, leaving those outside the literary party zone with little to cling to besides a handful of intriguing sequences, a sinister backstory, and some arresting acts of survival training. “The Hunger Games” doesn’t make a seamless transition to blockbusterdom, but it’s sure to satisfy faithful individuals able to keep a straight face while names like Katniss, Glimmer, and Haymitch are thrown around. Those comfortable with Collins’s world will be relaxed enough to process the experience in full. Those new to the books might find themselves questioning plot developments and fascinating character arcs that go absolutely nowhere. Read the rest at


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