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Film Review - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


Released to considerable fanfare in 2007, Mark Steven Johnson’s “Ghost Rider” rode in on a wave of blockbuster comic book adaptations, boasting a colorful lead character in Johnny Blaze and a juicy budget to bring his fiery tragedy to big screen life. Met with critical yawns and fanboy frustration, the feature didn’t ignite the box office quite like its funny book brethren, leaving star Nicolas Cage without a superhero franchise to call his own. In 2012, Sony looks to maintain their rights to the Marvel character, cooking up a lower-budgeted sequel with Cage to give the concept another try, this time eschewing a traditional studio take on dark valor, passing the keys to the franchise to “Crank” directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, allowing the spastic cult pranksters a shot at energizing a troublesome character. Sony would’ve been better off letting the rights lapse. Read the rest at


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