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Hate Mail (1/16/12)


The Help (review)

thats right after all youre tyler perry bitching you also have to hate the help too. Youre so rascist it sicken me. Im reporting your site to the authroites

you obviously are not a true southerner.


Is there any movie with black people that you like?


What a sad pathetic man you are. My family and I laughed at your idiotic review of The Help. Did your mother drop you when you were a baby? How could you pan such a beautiful story of friendship and history? My family came out of the theater crying. Your stupid review made up happy again. We laughed at your every stupid words.


One day Ema Stone will piss on your head, jerk.


Another white critic hatin’ on a pure African-American story. So predictable. Go die.


The Darkest Hour (review)

It must be sad to not understand the joys of sci-fi film-making. You are sad.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (review)

Wow, i think you totally missed the point of the first film! It had the epic arc of the journey, self-fulfillment, the classic fallen hero who redeems himself, and the great message of not judging the dog by it's pedigree. On a more mundane level it also carried the positive message of helping homeless animals and teaching that dog fighting is bad. In fact, i am extremely disappointed that in the sequel (besides not having the same actors and voice talent for continuity) they have stooped to allowing Chloe and Papi to have puppies! This goes against the underlying message of the first film and i cannot bring myself to see this movie. From the way you describe it, i also think that it would be too inane to bother with. I didn't laugh as much at the first film as i cheered. Too bad you didn't get that. I think you missed out.


From Prada to Nada (review)

well i have forwarded a link to your review to the anti defimation league. And for the record i said your REVIEWS lack of class, there is a big difference.  I will never again read this site and I will be informing everyone i know they should stay clear of it to, because of the racist tone of your review. I am also going to be contacting the management of your site to voice my concerns about your hurtful and racist comments in the review. dont bother writing me back, your emails will just go into my spam folder.


Frankie and Alice (review)

Personally I think you're opinion is very biased. This was an excellent movie. I think it was the best performance Halle Barry has done other than Dorothy Dandridge.  I haven't talked to one person that saw the movie that didn't enjoy it. Everybody's lives are not perfect. Some of us have been through some things and see the positive side of a woman desperately needing help and finally getting it. I wonder if she had been white would you feel the same way.


Tombstone (review)

Just happened across your review of "Tombstone" on Rotten Tomatoes.  How anyone could be so far off-base in their review of this movie simply amazes me.  I'm of a mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion but I might have second thoughts when it comes to yours. Enjoy your life.



It's not just that you have bad taste, it's that you write poorly, your insights are always wrong, and you don't seem to know anything about movies. And I mean anything! I see that you get very little traffic, but still, you should try to up your game -- not for me, but for yourself, for a sense that you're doing something with your life. Don't you agree? That might sound harsh, but consider it a much needed push. We all need help sometimes. You more than most.


Personally for your insults against Ellen Page, I wouldn't mind seeing you forcefully anally penetrated by a gorilla.


Does this count as an insult?

You sir, are a twollock.



It's easy to see why you got so much hate for this review. Your entire review seems to hinge on a single cynical point, the contrast between the film's message and the ethics of its makers. Disney is very much the evil corporation you despise, but I really don't think they exercise that much control over Pixar, the animation studio's output having changed very little in content since the takeover. You're entitled to your opinion, but from your pretentious but amateurish reviewing style it is easy to tell that you have very little background in film. You pan your critics for being 'self-proclaimed movie experts', but you're the one with the review site, writing scathing reviews that barely touch on the craftsmanship of a film and exist more to fan your ego and make yourself sound 'clever'. And from these comments, your fans are clearly similar, clinging to your opinion just because it differs from mass opinion. Sometimes, when everyone likes a film, that actually is a sign that it's good.


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