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Film Review - Haywire


I’ll admit there was a small part of me that was hoping filmmaker Steven Soderbergh would be interested in returning some Schwarzenegger-branded brawn the action genre, currently choked out by distracting editorial blizzards and stars ill-equipped to portray bruisers. However, “Haywire” is as Soderberghian as the rest of oeuvre, dragging 21st century beatdowns into a casual European arena, where the plot sits long enough to grow a five o’clock shadow, most of the actors are on break from other commitments, and the cinematography often looks as though it requires a doctor’s appointment. In a strange way, Soderbergh attempts to battle predictability with predictability, though it’s hard to argue with the movie’s sporadic concentration. When “Haywire” wakes up, it’s a blast. Read the rest at


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