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In these modern times, the prospect of home ownership is akin to a cancer scare. It's a promise of oncoming misery, containing such anxiety and dread that fewer folks are taking the plunge, unwilling or unable to endure the financial commitment and extended period of responsibility. Who needs the headache? Life would be far simpler if we all could secrete a milky fluid from our hindquarters, using the goo to manufacture a temporary living space free from predators. With that evolutionary process millions of years away, we'll just have to make do envying the natural world, observing animals and insects go about their daily business of home assembly and defense, erecting massive dwellings of comfort and gob-smacking complexity in the wilds of the world. No mortgages, no association fees. Just some anal fluid, patience, and instinctual might. A short time later, there's a home to enjoy. Read the rest at


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