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Film Review - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is an immaculately crafted picture, shellacked with a sickly brown coating of English indifference, used to communicate a 1970s world of spies and paranoia, originally conceived by author John le Carre nearly four decades ago. The movie is simply amazing to study. Digesting the staring contests and tangle of last names is another story, at least for those not privy to traditional le Carre mechanics. This is an icy picture, perhaps best appreciated by those who enjoy challenges of memory and patience, who don’t require a substantial influence of personality to feel around a knotted scheme of espionage and memories, communicated in the most detached manner imaginable. Dramatically dry as toast, “Tinker Tailor” remains a potent, heroically detailed visual experience, worth a look just to linger on the background details while the characters gradually slip into comas. Read the rest at


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