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Blu-ray Review - Nature: My Life as a Turkey

TURKEY mustache

When one considers the documentary premise of an isolated man spending a year living with a flock of wild turkeys, an enormous amount of comedic thoughts spring to mind, soon transforming into genuine concern about rural madness. The oddity of such a personal experience is monumental, approaching levels of parody that rival the reach of “SNL,” but the Nature production, “My Life as a Turkey,” is dead serious about the subject matter. Investigating a man who gave up a good chunk of his life to raise turkeys from hatchlings, the program is a shockingly emotional experience that leads with its heart, asking the viewer to process the highs and lows of life with these odd creatures, observing their devotion to leadership, feel for their surroundings, and examination of their instincts, guided by a reserved, mustached Floridian who didn’t anticipate becoming a mother during his lifetime. Read the rest at


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