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Film Review - Happy Feet Two

HAPPY FEET TWO Elephant Seal

2006’s “Happy Feet” was a jubilant, toe-tapping viewing experience…for about an hour. Its eventual slide into darker issues of animal captivity and environmental disaster was a laudable deviation but tore the pace apart, making the effort a bizarre, confused message movie featuring a cast of dancing penguins. With the cute factor off the charts, “Happy Feet” was a massive hit at the box office, which is why we’re faced with “Happy Feet Two.” Again, director George Miller looks to marry the Earth’s woe with the wiggly antics of flightless birds, but there’s really nowhere for this story to go after the conclusion of the original picture. There’s plenty of bopping, singing, and intense displays of global warming wreckage, yet the sequel is even more scattershot with these wildly disparate cinematic elements. If “Happy Feet” was tonally unsteady, “Happy Feet Two” is tone-deaf. Read the rest at


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