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Film Review - A Dangerous Method

DANGEROUS METHOD Michael Fassbender

It’s entirely appropriate that after decades of making movies that have flirted with the erosion of reality, director David Cronenberg would stumble upon material that actively probes the abyssal mysteries of the mind. Based on the play “The Talking Cure,” “A Dangerous Method” turns to the father of psychoanalysis to help pour a little disturbing cocktail of jealousy and dissolving self-control, using sex as a spoiler in a world of educated men, their well-researched theories, and a disturbed woman carrying a power even she doesn’t understand. Playing to Cronenberg’s tastes but lacking his usual visual serration, the picture is a reserved yet engrossing depiction of an inhibited man unraveling as he accepts the limits of his education, turning on those he loves and admires to hunt the ultimate prize of self. Read the rest at


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