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Blu-ray Review - Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

SQUAD Swords

I know absolutely nothing about the "Onechanbara" video game series, but title anything "Bikini Samurai Squad" and I'm all yours for 90 minutes. It's an enticing title, right? Imagine "The King's Speech: Bikini Samurai Squad" or "The Tree of Life: Bikini Samurai Squad." Now you have to see the movie. Well, it pains me to report that the raincoat crowd should stay miles away from this Japanese stinker, which fails to provide a satisfactory amount of swimsuited justice. Instead, it's an awful futuristic horror actioner slapped together with spare change, attempting to translate the martial art fluidity of a video game to the big screen, only to forget storytelling essentials. It's drab, amateurish, and hideously performed. Heck, even the titular bikini is a disappointing piece of fuzzy costuming unworthy of top billing. This could've been a blast. Instead, it's utterly incompetent. Read the rest at


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