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Blu-ray Review - Nature: Jungle Eagle


The docile PBS program "Nature" takes a more summer blockbustery approach with its latest offering, "Jungle Eagle." Attempting to sneak into the lair of the Harpy Eagle, the most powerful bird of prey in the world, producer/star Fergus Beeley aims to create a sense of excitement as he inches closer to one of the most enigmatic creatures of South America. This is no common dissection of feeding patterns and defense mechanisms. Instead, it's a bit of an "Ocean's Eleven" sequel, with Beeley and his crew attempting to infiltrate an impenetrable treetop fortress, planting cameras and carefully timing visits to avoid being torn to shreds by the very beast they're seeking to observe. Beeley definitely deserves credit for building excitement, helping goose the educational aspects of an otherwise passive nature documentary. Read the rest at


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