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Film Review - Apollo 18

APOLLO 18 Still 1

“Apollo 18” is the latest entry in the growing “found footage” genre, popularized in recent years by the blockbuster “Paranormal Activity” films. Instead of rehashing eerie domestic terror, “Apollo 18” blasts into outer space, playing around with history and horror to manufacture a slightly different take on the game of fabricated realism. NASA nuts and conspiracy freaks might find something to embrace here, but the average viewer is likely to be bored stiff by this overlong, underwhelming chiller. Read the rest at

Film Review - Shark Night 3D


About this time last year, “Piranha 3D” was released into theaters. Instead of a predicted monstrosity, the picture turned out to be an enjoyable, mercilessly gory romp, retaining ideal exploitation instincts and a marvelous sense of humor. This year’s fish-based horror offering is “Shark Night 3D,” which is about as polar opposite a viewing experience from “Piranha 3D” as possible. Labored, idiotic, and tightly restricted when it comes to violence, the feature is a fiasco on every level of execution, aiming to be some type of camp classic yet cursed with moronic direction that renders the whole thing useless. Read the rest at