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Blu-ray Review - Road to Nowhere

ROAD exterior

Filmmaking hero Monte Hellman hasn't made a feature in 21 years. The director of such cult hits as "Two-Lane Blacktop," "Cockfighter," and "China 9, Liberty 37" returns to the screen with "Road to Nowhere," a noir-flavored mystery about the puzzling creation of a complicated motion picture. In short, it's a movie about movies that's not really a movie. It seems fitting that this bewildering picture is the impetus for Hellman's return, as it appears the material is actually about him, dissecting the various jealousies and infatuations a driven director develops while in the midst of assembling a motion picture. Hellman is a true artist with a vision for disorientation that carries all the way through "Road to Nowhere," but the lasting impact of the film will be up to the individual viewer and their personal appetite for cinematic riddles. Read the rest at


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