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Hate Mail (1/28/11)

Taxi Driver

(Warning! Rough Language.)

Dances with Wolves (review)

From: capstonite

ugg. you must be one of those faggy liberal types who think we STOLE America from the indians right. what a load of crap. i hate this movie and now i hate you.

From: Steven

I thought you were smarter than to buy into Costner’s bleeding heart nonsense. Liberal fags like you are killing this great nation. Hope your happy with your socialist retard president, queer.

From: Elizabeth

I bet you voted for Obama too. Another idiot liberal critic thinking he knows how the west was actually won. You’re a bore, creep. I can’t wait for 2012 and the return of great minds to the politics of this great nation.
Season of the Witch (review)

From: Karen

I am disappointed.  My husband and I watched it last night and we both thought it was really good.  I have also doubted your reviews in the past such as your reviews on movies based on books in which you never even read the book!  I try to follow your reviews but basically I am getting tired of your pessimistic attitude!  BTW it made the top five on the best selling movie of the week!

From: mrscage2000

As a huge fan of Nicolas Cage, I object to this review. He’s a complete genius actor who gives interesting performances everytime. What have you done with your life to match him? What gives you the right to cast judgment on a perfect man? I would like to see you make a movie half as good as this one.

From: Glen

I saw this movie anyway, expecting to see a total disaster of the film. However, I was quite please to say that I considered this film to be more of low end popcorn flick. This movie will neither advance or hinder anyone's career. Nicholas Cage appears to be on a bullseye for hundred plus critics including you. He can't seem to be able to do anything right. In this movie, he was adequate although Ron Pearlman was superior. This was a watchable movie and at times, pretty interesting fantasy. Writing wasn't the best but I have seen far worst coming from films universally acclaimed. I think you and the rest of the critics world need to laid off your Anti-Cage Crusade so you guys can give us a more objective perception. Thank you for your consideration. (PS: It could be that considering the massive hordes of bad reviews on this movie, I really expected it to suck and I was relieved that it was better then what was written.)

Exit Through the Gift Shop (review)

From: Various

Son, you is a right git. Blow your head off.

Holy shit you did not understand this brilliant movie. Kill yourself.

(Brian note: This was a common e-mail response to the review.)

Banksy is laughing at you right now. Faggot. 

that sound you hear be banksy humping ur mom jerk.

Maybe you should stick to crayons and boogers and leave the real film criticism to the adults. I’ve never read a more clueless review in my life. You did not understand this movie.

I hope Banksy gives you herpes.

I’m glad to see a film about trannies killing people received a better grade than the most intelligent film of the year. Good job.

You’re like the white version of Armond White. Go play in traffic.

Banksy 4-life homo!

I can’t believe you didn’t grasp the delirious mischief of this movie. It’s so intelligently crafted and executed with a wonderful sense of humor. Are you legally blind?

you must love the taste of ass.



Did Drudge link to your Wolves BD review or something?

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