Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Charades with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Seth Meyers
Film Review - The Perfect Game

Monday Links


He-Man had an art show (Under the Influence)
An interview with "Birdemic" director James Nguyen (Adam Corolla Podcast)
Learn everything there is to know about 1980's "The Apple" (Vinnie Rattolle)
"Twin Peaks" is 20 years old (Moviehole)
Norm MacDonald recalls his talk show adventures (AV Club)
Make an amazing R2-D2 cake (Bake at 350)
Got gold? Get cats. (Cats for Gold)
Wil Wheaton recalls the "E.T" Atari Game (Wil Wheaton)
Read abut the Encom press conference for "Tron Legacy" (Jim Hill Media)


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