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Trailer Tuesday - Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)





This looks amazing! I can't wait to go!! Hogwarts looks so good it gives me chills!

Account Deleted

Oh my god! Looks so perfect!
I want to go there ;.;
And i canĀ“t wait to see all ready S2
It will be great *---*


it really does look amazing. hope i can go there. i really want to. but i don't have a visa yet.. hope i can get one.....

Bobby Aeon

I just love it.



im so excited ill see if i can get in opening week! if i cant it doesnt matter. the important thing is goin. Im were observant for when they will sell the tickets and packages. Keep up the good work universal. Thanks for this experience you are giving us.




i am just waiting for the opening date announcement so i can hurry up and buy my tickets!! i will be traveling across the country from CA to see this, hurry it up universal!


Being Florida resident we get season passes and can go as much as we want. Just got our new ones and hopefully soon will pay visit jsut to check out before the opening and see what we can see.

Kelly K


Ms. Sampson

You are so awesome! Thanks for all the great pics!


wow thats the first time that hogwarts expess isnt covered :) wooo we can finally see it :)

A. Mullen

Hogwarts looks absolutely beautiful!! I hope I get to go!


Brian, thank you for the wonderful photos. Every month I wait patiently for your pictures, knowing they are some of the best online.

Diego H.

its so beautiful i almost wanna cry but i"m sure i'll burst into tears the moment i walk up to the entrance


Oh my God!!! I whant to go there.Everything look so beautiful and perfect!<3 I'm just afreid, that I can never go there, beacose I dont have eny money:(((


This is going to be fantasic. i can't wait. i feel as though im going to drive everyone with me crazy though cause i'm not going to want to leave...ever haha


i just got the chills when i saw Hogwarts. This looks AMAZING.I think i will cry when i see this. It's like a dream come true for me<33333 i love you harry potter!


WOW can't wait till I get the chance to go there
the pictures look so great. It's so big
I think I'm secretly going to live there


You really have the BEST pics...Great Job! I just wish there were some every week...I know that would cut a whole in your pocket but they are just so great...Thanks!

Tara Shea

This looks so amazing!! I am hoping that the Harry Potter cast does signings every now and then because that would be so cool...


...i want to go there...


omg i soo want to go there!!


It looks fantastic!


Hogwarts looks amazing! I wanna go!


Looks boring...


So I live about a mile and a half from this. I witness the construction and it's pretty impressive. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan but it may be fun to go still


I live bout 3hrs away Can't Wait!!!


This place looks amazing, but really, a Harry Potter world in Orlando? Harry Potter was from supposed to be Surrey, UK and went to school in Scotland! Why couldn't they have put it somewhere near there instead? America gets all the good stuff.

harry potter is NUMBA ONE

These pics are so amazing! I wasn't too crazy about the idea of a Harry Potter theme park, but now I am already purchasing airline tickets for Orlando! I can't wait to go!

Isabelle Cortes

this was what the owner of the travel agency in our school mentioned, that there will be a Harry Potter theme park, here it is now. i want to go there. :)

Tuula Haila

that looks AWESOME!!!! I wish I could go there, trip will cost about 2000 euros so have to save some money


I love it! I look at pics every day and I am so excited. I can't wait for the forbidden journey because the line is a patient little walk through the castle looking at things first hand. Think I will walk through Dumbledores' office I will go through the grand hall. I am really really excited!

Samir Homan

IT WILL BE SO AWESOME TO GO THERE!!!!!!! Hope that even one attraction is based on Quidditch Ps. I'm from Finland.


I miss Jurassic Park...


what's that huge building they have behind the Hogwarts Castle? It's really bothering me that they couldn't do the castle up to scale, because compare the workers to the castle... very small Hogwarts Castle, huh? Oh well!

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