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Trailer Tuesday - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)



That is awesome


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention THANKS BRIAN O. for the pictures! ;)

Brian O. rules

Awesome pictures!! You're obviously the best :)


hogwarts is to just enhance the beauty of hogsmeade or we can go inside hogwarts also to experience the interior of hogwarts as shown in movies.................


thanks for the pics! i can't wait for this to open!!!


Oh man look at the detail. This is going to be so cool! :D

@Brian O. rules

Well, from my understanding Hogwarts Castle is going to be home to the newest dark ride at IOA. Right now all we have are rumors, but the word is that the large warehouse-style building to the right of the castle-proper will house the world's first tracked RoboCoaster ride. In case you don't know what a RoboCoaster is, it's an industrial robotic arm (the same used in the automotive industry) with two to four seats fitted with OSTRs. The company that developed the RoboCoaster also developed a coaster-style track system for moving them, and has been pitching the idea with a booth at the IAAPA convention for the past five years or so. Now it looks like they might have finally sold one... assuming this is all true of course.

Even if this rumor turns out to be false, I know the ride is going to be awesome.


can't wait!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brian O.

lizzie leach

cooooollllllll me and my son check your updates every month cant waitttttttt to go nxt yr

Portable Storage

Thanks for the article.I think that the construction of the wizarding world of Harry Potter is going on very good and also thanks for the pics.


Thank you for posting this excellent article. All photos are looks so great too. Keep up the good work.

leon rogissart

this is sooo coool...
i wanne go to it !!! :)

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