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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update: 9/09/09


On the eve of massive park information about to be released to the public (around 9/15), construction continues at an amazing pace.

Hogsmeade (click to huge-o-size)








Hogsmeade from Jurassic Park Bridge





Hogsmeade Construction (Former Enchanted Oak site)












Hogwarts Jurassic Park View






Off Site Construction








And this. This...noise. I caught this moan on the way to Dueling Dragons, emerging from the Wizarding World construction site. I can't figure out what the groan is supposed to be. A Halloween Horror Nights test run? Not sure. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. 


For all previous Wizarding World Construction updates please click here!



Thanks for another awesome update!!

PS: That moan is WEIRD! haha!


I would just say it's a moan for Halloween Haunt since it's like someone getting tortured and that area would fit for that theme, I guess, maybe?


Very awesome update. Looks like construction is coming along quite nicely. Is 9/15 the date when they are going to announce more details about the area and what the actual attractions are going to be?


groan noise sounds like it could be voldermort being reborn or something?


Thanks for these photos!!! They're fantastic!!

That moan sounds like... sort of familiar... maybe the end of GoF, like ^^ Jack said, or maybe something else, all I know is that it sounds familiar to me.


The moan has been in the back queue of Dragons since it opened. The storyline of the ride has the Dragons tormenting the townspeople of Merlinwood. You can hear moaning and tourmented souls all along the queue. Sorry to burst your bubble but it's nothing. Just some speakers that were always there and have recently been turned up.


Great Photos!! I always love seeing these updates, can't wait til the next one. I personally think it sounds like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. But that isn't it, I would think it has to have something to do with HHN.

HP Fan

Maybe a dementor ride? That's what it sounds like to me


Does anyone know when Dueling dragons will close for the retheme? Im there from the UK for the first time from the 25th Sept till 7th Oct. I'm hoping so much they'll be open!


It does sound like Voldy gettting reborn in GOF!


It sounds like thresals in my opinion.


Sounds to me like Dumbledore drinking the poison in HBP or a bit like Harry sounds when he's being possessed by Voldemort.

Though it's probably related to the Halloween stuff. I can't imagine them putting sound effects in this far in advance.

Jenny Mclaggen

I heard that they were going to do something with dementors in Hogsmaede the moaning could be that awesome update btw luv the site


moan could be a dementor


Sounds to me like it belongs to the Jurassic Park place.:}


It reminds me very much of the third movie, in particular the part where Sirius is having his soul sucked out of him. Anyone else recall this?


The moan was a construction worker trapped under something very heavy. You should have called for help.


It sounds either like sirius when he dementors about to give him the kiss in PoA, dumbledore drinking the potion in HBP, or voldemort getting reborn in GoF.


Shrieking Shack?


I say that the sounds like one of the dragons that were used in the first task. Maybe one of the nicer of the dragons! The sound sounds so sweet and not so much scary!


Oh come on, it's totally Voldemort! Haha no. I would go with Shrieking Shack too perhaps. It is part of Hogsmeade, after all.


The moan sounds like a very painful ejaculation, but it could be the Shrieking Shack.


I work for Universal studios therefore I know exactly what the moan is, but I can't tell you.


wow! those pix were pretty cool!

i think the moan might be voldemort, like being able to feel his presence.
or it could be ghosts.


thats weird at first i thought it was a threstral call from the 5th movie...but then it started moanin and shit lol idk... could be voldemort.. or maybe ur supposed to guesss


Hey thanks for the update....! I think it sounds like Sirius dying or somthing! Maybie it has something to do with one of the rides!

Anthony Testa

The moan that you hear in the Dueling Dragons Queue line is still part of the Dueling Dragons Ride atmosphere. It is suppose to be citizens of the kingdom that are hurt and in pain because the dragons are flying around fighting and destroying things; there use to be more themeing in the line that helped explain this, but was removed prior to Potter construction.


If it doesn't belong with the Jurrasic Park (someone said it sounds like that's where it belongs) I think it's a hippogriff. Buckbeak.


i think the groan sounds like Ron described the Weasley family ghoul...dunno if there will be DH details in the theme park though.


i think it was harry when he died (sorta)in the last book


sounds like voldemort being reborn in the end of half blood prince

it sounds like harry or sirius dont know which on though.


I would say something to do with CoS, when Harry hears the basilisk in the walls. It sounds like something of the sort.

maybe the Shrieking Shack..maybe testing sound effects for the Forbidden Forest..Either way this is going to be awesome! Thanks for the updates!

Jeremy Pitzer

thanks for the new pics i cant hear the noise but it looks like its gonna be awesome i have to go there when its done!!!!!!

Honestly, it sounds like Golem from LOTR's to me. Hahaha.


Person who works for that's just annoying. Bubba...shhh!!! There are some who wait for the movies to come out and don't know what happens. And I love how you update this all the time! I keep checking every first of the month to see what you have new. It's making me so excited! You can really see this month how it's all coming together. And as for the moan...I go with the rest in saying possibly going to be part of the forbidden forest. However I do believe the others when saying it was part of the Dueling Dragons queue.


OMG! Super excited! I want to go live in Harry Potter land: this is going to be amazing! Thanks for the awesome updates - I'm addicted. It would be cool if the moan had to do with something potter-esque but I'm guessing it's just part of the Dragons ride... but while we're guessing; my two cents is for Dementors!

Lola Johnson

the moan sounds kinda like a thestral..... but that is just me!

Lola Johnson

but i agree with the dementors!! that could be it too at first i thought it might have been a hippogriff but then it didnt really sound like one at the end of the clip
i cant wait for the Wizarding World to come out!! im totally siked!! :)


it may just be sound fx for either the hippogriff thing or the forbidden forest

B Nelly

Great pics, finally it's been like a month since the last one! Oh, and by the way the moan is definately halloween horror nights because (Duh!) it comes out in like 2 weeks, and you can hear the words Die, and you fools in the moan!

luke jennings

i think it is the end of the fifth book/ movie where voldemort is tryin to control harrys mind and harry is fighting to force him out


It wouldn't be the shreiking shack because it stopped shreiking when left school. i'd say it was probably from something different

Portable Storage

Looking at the photos it seems speechless.It seems that the construction of this wizarding world of harry potter is going at a good pace and will be completed on time.



I'm hoping to be one of the first in line for that. Sometimes its good to live in Florida despite the tourists, heat, and humidity.

I've loved Harry Potter ever since it came out, and I was one of those people who reread all the books and picked it apart for the tiniest hint of what was to come. I'm so happy that they're making a theme park for it, let's just hope it lives up to the hype.

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