Trailer Tuesday - Massacre Mafia Style (1978)
Film Review - Broken Hill

Tuesday Links


Learn all about the making of the 1980 masterpiece, “Flash Gordon” (CBR)
The “Star Wars” stars visit “The Mike Douglas Show” in 1977 (YouTube)
Visit the crazy-violent 1995 CD-Rom game, “Phantasmagoria” (I-Mockery)
X-Entertainment visits the dollar store for Halloween treats (X-Entertainment)
Behold, the KFC Double Down Sandwich (AV Club)
Wil Wheaton is ready to confront his “Star Trek: TNG” past (WW Books)
Fantasyland at Walt Disney World is looking to grow (Attractions Magazine)
Stroll through Todd Barry’s receipt museum (Todd Barry)
Star Wars Cakes (Cake Wrecks)
Don’t forget to pre-order the goofball classic, “Massacre Mafia Style” (


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