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Hate Mail (9/21/09)


From: Tom

I read your review of 'Public Enemies' and you suck.


From: Lexington

I read your review of 'Marley & Me' and I think you personify the frustrated writer, pseudo- intellectual snotty poor timid soul of the critic. But even as a useless critic, you suck. That and you are clearly a loser who dresses up his cats.Now ask me what I really think . . .

From: Lexington (again)

Dramatic nutrition? Organic sentiment? Does your elbow actually hurt from all of your verbal masturbation?
You were close, but the movie "Marley & Me" was great, you are the one who stinks.


From: Anna

Re: "Sex Drive"

You’re a douchebag, dude! This movie was HILARIOUS! Get over all that politically correct bullshit and get a sense of humor! Some things are just fun – not meant to be over-analyzed. EVERYTHING has been done before, and say what you will, bathroom humor is still funny – no matter how highbrow we like to think we are. As far as homophobic – everything is fair game in comedy – no matter what it is. Sex Drive, for a raunchy, sex-filled, teen movie was hilarious and my friends ages 21 to 54- from all walks of life - loved it! I just had to defend the movie.


From: Andrea

I read your review of 'My Life in Ruins' and...I think you were wrong.  I thought Nia (I loved her in my Big Fat Greek Wedding) and cast were funny and Richard Dreyfus was charming.  And as for the Greek man he was gorgeous (once he got cleaned up).  Now I have to admit I am a bit biased since my grandfather came over in the early 1900's to America from a small village near Athens.  As soon as it comes out in dvd I plan to purchase it.  My girlfriend and I both loved the movie.  Now the movie I was very disappointed in was The Proposal, and I do not intend to buy that dvd.  We all have different tastes in movies but I thought your critique of My Life in Ruins was too critical.


From: Richard

Eat balls jag-off. Tranformers 2 was awesome all the way, and the ghetto robots were hilarious. I bet Michale Bay wipes his ass with your review. Dipshit.


From: Kallysta

Re: "Knowing"

That movie is soooo good!!!I have had sooo many dreams about stuff like that , and watchimg this movie is perfect for me!!!You did a really good job on all the action parts and the other hard work put into this movie.It made me cry at the end though. (The BIG sacrifice.) And this movie plan, inspired by making  my own story similar tho the this.Thanks for this plan of the movie, and good job!!!

(Brian note: I didn't like the movie)


From: Barry

Re: "Bruno"

Of course you like the fag movie! You must be a fag too. Go suck a dick and let other non queers write the film reviews. God haytes your sinful faggot ways. Jesus turns his back on you.


From: Geoff

Re: "Sorority Row"

Fag boy gives the hot chick movie a bad review. Bet you like cock, right? Leave the hotties to me.


From: Pat

I read your review of 'The Ugly Truth' and my viewing experience was VERY different from your review. It was a raunchy, hilarious adult movie.  The chemistry between Gerry Butler and Katherine Heigl was great and so was their comedic timing. The audience was roaring with laughter (both men and women) during the viewing. Think that you have done actors a great disservice with your acidic review. Saw it 7 times and can't wait for the DVD.


From: Gail

I read your review of 'Jennifer's Body' and The "  cutesy verbal gymnastics " you refer to in the review you yourself seemed heaped in " paying more attention to self-awareness in cleverness ".
Please understand I read your reviews all the time and enjoy them, but not this one.
I have no interest in Diablo Cody,but the reference to being and " ex-stripper " is taken out of context and mean spirited.
It is well documented that Ms Cody worked as a stripper to research a story she was commissioned to write.To place this into a review of her work just seems to reek of " Cheap Shot ".
Thank You for your time

From: Brent

I bet Diablo Cody turned you down for a date, right? This movie is the best film i"ve ever seen, and you are a jackass for thinking otherwise.


From: Janice

I read your review of 'Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself' and...I think you are totally ignorant to his movies. Don’t get me wrong, you watch his movies but I don’t think you understand his movies. Tyler Perry is a brilliant filmmaker and because he is a blessed film maker he will continue to progress in the filmmaking business.

From: Margaret

For once i ame glad to see someone "entertain" me. In this day and age one can find what you want in a movie just outside their door. i am proud of Mr Perry and wish him much success.

From: Terry

Another cracka hatin in Perry's movies. Hes for us, whitey, not your honky ass. Go review some white fro white people. We ain't your slaves no more.

From: Louella

You just don`t know how people wait to see another tyler perry movie theres not one i don`t like i love them all i love madea i know you don`t but most every one does keep on going god speed we love you

From: Jackson

Jesus loves you, Brian. Even if you hate Perry and his work. Jesus loves Perry's movies too.

From: Darnell

Cracker, go die. Tyler Perry speaks the truth and you can't handle it.

From: Myshell

Brian you should really stop review these Perry movies. You don't understand them and you never will. Tyler Perry is smarter than you and will continue to be and your reviews worthless. Your a moron and I'm praying Jesus won't ever save you.

From: Carter

Jesus told me to write to you, as I am so filled with feeling over your I Can Do Bad All By Myself review. You are a terrible sinner, and Jesus compells me to inform you that you are blocking Tyler's righteous work. Brian, stop your wicked ways and allow Tyler to spread his message of Jesus.


(Brian note: these next few are a little strange, since they appear to address Tyler Perry himself, and I wasn't kind in the review)

From: Judy

I would really love to watch the movies only God knows when we will get it on DVD or the movies. Am from Kenya and it takes long before you can get the movie. Thank Tyler for the wonderful movies which you make and am glad i have watched most of them.  Thank you again.

From: Diane

Oh Tyler, you've done it again! Thank you for the new movie. Can't wait to see it 10 times this weekend.

From: Holly

Tyler I love you!

From: Rose

I was remembering the first time i ever saw your first play in my chritian friend's living room,along with other girls.How we all were sooo emotional,tears all over the place,we laughed so much. i thanked God so many times that you were able to buy yourself a pair of shoes,that was my prayer for you,because you are so talented ,i bless you over and over again.and at the end of that DVD,in my friend' living room, we were like we hope you never change,that the Lord keep you humble and somehow you would be and stay  a righteous man. how relieved we were,Tuesday night when i watched your show,and saw how the christian in you came proud of you Mr. Tyler Perry. sorry i cannot give you a review  yet as the movie comes to the theater today.hoping to go see it tonight.But had to take this opportunity to bless you .

From: Richard

Tyler, I have the perfect script for you, my brother. Please e-mail me and let me know where I can send it.

From: Denise

Tyler  want to thank you for making these inspirational films. Sometimes I wish I had the power of Madea to stand up and knock some sense into my family, but I don't. I love your movies and please don't stop making them.

From: Holly

Mr. Perry bless your heart for showing the white folk what black people are thinking. They need the light in their life.



Jeez, some people's IQ obviously isn't higher than room temperature.

michael pergola

Pretty, funny. It's amazing to me that so many people love shitty movies to the degree that they will actually send a hateful monologue if a reviewer disagrees with their bland, uninformed opinion. At least it's only vengeful, semi-retarded Jesus freaks and Neo-Nazi, fratboy homophobes who really seem to hate you.

P.S. I'm not religious but I'm quite sure Jesus thinks all these people are assholes.

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