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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update: 5/5/09

Harry Potter Cover

The fine folk at Universal Orlando seem to be clamping down on ideal photo spots to capture the hotly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter construction. I can’t blame them, but it’s going to be impossible to fully cloak the enormity of this park. For every sweet shot spot of Hogwarts they remove, two more Hogsmeade angles spring up. As massive summer crowds are about ready to pounce on the Islands of Adventure, I’ll take the newfound tradeoff…for now.

As a reminder of what’s being built right now, let’s take a gander at the announcement poster for the park:


Keeping in step with the concept art, the Hogsmeade archway appears to be coming along beautifully. As always, click pic for larger peek.






Angle from Jurassic Park...




Hogsmeade construction...




And bits of Hogwarts castle-making...






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Gian Luca Gozzi

Hi Brian, I'm Gian Luca from Italy. I check daily your site that I think to be the most updated on Wizarding of Harry Potter.
Me and my wife are planning to come back in Orlando in march 2010.
Do you think that for that month Wizardin of Harry Potter will be open??? It seems that the construction is hurry up, what do you think about?
Sorry for my terrible English.
Gian Luca


Great!! It looks wonderful. Pity it's on USA... it should be on Europe! Specially on Scotland, or anyplace at UK. And I'm not saying this because I'm english, because I'm not. But I think Hogwarts belongs to Scotland.


i can't wait

dave gurman

if it was not for the millions of american HP fans HP movies would not exist. remember who made the movies an american co. not scottish not UK.if it were not for the american market JKR would not live in a castle and have the influence to do all her charity work


I'm american, but i agree with Albus_Trama... i'm a freakin crazy HP nut, but it will be slightly sad to stand in Hogwarts and look out and see.... oh. florida. not the scottish highlands. and the whole heat & humidity thing will suck, too. I'm not a fan of florida. But this is probably the best thing that happened to florida, because myself and all my friends (we're from Portland, OR) are actually going to go. Whereas before... we didnt give a care. haha
Although i think we'll just go sit in hogwarts all day and do nothing else... :)

Reya Larr

Acually, the US only makes up just under a third of the HP money machine and only a quarter of the book sales. America is very self-involved, and doesn't really seem to notice what goes on eleswhere around the world. If a US company hadn't bought the rights, someone else would have and the movies would've been made anyway, and still made a mint. Check your numbers before you make a statement like that dave gurman.

Amanda Paulino

Yay for Florida! Love the fact that I grew up there! And most of my family lives there! Returning for the next summers for the rest of my life.

Really can't wait, especially to see snow in Florida, I have no idea how that'll work out....


I agree with Reya, but let's all just be happy an opportunity like this has come along. I mean, it would have happened somewhere eventually, but still. It's there, and it's being built now.

Daniel Jackson

did i read that correctly that hogwarts should belong to scotland? when half of the filming for the outdoor scenes are done in both at durham cathedral (for the castle grounds)and yorkshire (for hogwarts train station), and the rest in london. hmmm odd :)


oh quit bickering about where it is and where the best fan base is. it's all over the world. scotland would be more authentic but florida is a more realistic destination anyway. i'll definitely be going!!!


I agree with Krystl and Phoebe - just be happy that this amazing place is being BUILT! Now Harry Potter fans can go and actually feel as though we are a part of their world. I can't wait...I live in NYC but a few of my friends and I have every intention of flying down to Florida for it!


Who cares where it's being made...

The important thing is... it IS being made!!!

There's going to be a real (almost) Hogwarts!!!:D


I agree with Gerardo.

This place is going to be AMAZING.
Who gives a damn where it is?

The Harry Potter fandom is incredible worldwide so why bicker so pathetically over such mundane issues as 'my country is a bigger harry potter supporter than yours'.

We are still all going to be able to stand there, look round and see, touch and have our photo taken with HOGWARTS and HOGSMEADE. What more could we ask?


Huge HP fans Sandy & Kait in CT

My family and I were just in Florida in April and we were worried that they didn't seem to be moving along. However, after looking at the above photos, they have moved further along than I would thought so I'm hoping that "Opening in 2010" signs mean early 2010! My daughter and I are huge fans and we are about to re-read the series for the 3rd time. We just can't get enough HP so the park will only add to our love for HP.

And for all you fans fighting about where the park should have been, I would go across the world to visit it! So I'm hoping that this one in Florida sparks the interest for another one somewhere in the UK!!


Amanda Paulino... I visited blizzard beach in florida a few years back and i'm expecting the fake snow there to be just the same as the one in hogsmeade... it's kinda like plaster shaped onto mounds of snow... etc.


Only Thanks


I'm not looking forward to visiting hot and humid Florida, but I expect the park will be a very fun experience, anyway. I just hope it doesn't look cheap!

I think we all wish this was being built in the UK, but honestly, do they even have the space for this sort of construction?


Unfortunately, It doesn't seem to be a full size Hogwarts (considering that would take up way more space than the current foundation), but I hope the Great Hall, Astronomy Tower, Gryffindor Tower, Dungeons and DADA/Potions classrooms are accessible, as well as Dumbledore's office. Wow, that's almost everything. Well, I hope it's accessible at all....

Kyle Kraszewski

Hey Gian Luca, I believe that the Wizarding World will have a true opening by March of 2010, because I heard of a rumor of a soft opening on Christmas of 2009.
And Amanda Paulino, I believe the snow will be as good as blizzard beach, but I heard that there will be some special snow effects...
Can't wait...


I'm happy it is in Florida but only becuase I am stuck living here until I am 18 and I cant travel, for I have no passport and even if i did it wouldnt make a difference.
It would be better in europe in countless ways, but if it were in europe I wouldnt be able to go and that would be really upsetting since I am huge Harry Potter fan
It already sucks enough that I cant go to see the premieres in london and all the actual harry potter sets in london and such. So at least one little girl will be happy. :)


arh made me annoyed that comment by dave gurman, as the whole feel of harry potter is that it is english through and through, the books got published in america and across the world because they were so popular here where they were written and based on. i totally agree with reya and gerardo though, in that everyone across the world can enjoy harry potter the same and im so excited to go to florida and feel like im part of it all!! iv actually dreamt of being in hogwarts before and soon i actually can, i just hope it all looks authentic!


i cant wait for this theme park to be running i think it is a great oppertunity for people to really feel like a witch/wizard its going to be amazing


Well I had no idea that all this was happnin over in America. I live in Australia and no matter where it is, I will definitely be there! All's I gotta do now is start savin! I think a lot of us Harry Potter fans have dreamt od bein in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, me included of course, so it will be an awesum experience for everyone!

Mallory Larkin

omg jess i hav been reading harry potter since i was 5 ( im 12 bday was 13 days ago)and my parents said they were wizards and they went to hogwarts so i always wanted to go

golshan m

omg !!!!!!!!realy?i am verry sad beacus I am from iran and Icant come to that park


Did no one see the last HP premiere?
Joe Rowling said she strictly wanted it to stay BRITISH? Because it is BRITISH? Not American?
Well thats a shame.

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