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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update: 4/7/09


Hogsmeade is starting to take shape. This also means the Wizarding World is beginning to look a lot more...wizardly now.

Hogsmeade construction has finally started within the old Enchanted Oak restaurant site. Granted, it's a mess of dirt piles and metal frames, but the park is starting to resemble a park these days, and not just a series of faceless construction fences and irritating detours.

The Hogsmeade entrance area:

Hogsmead 4.5 1 

Hogsmeade 4.5 2 

Hogsmeade 4.5 3

Beyond the entrance and into the construction area:

Hogsmeade 4.5 4 

Hogsmeade 4.5 5 

Hogsmeade 4.5 6

Other side:

Hogs reverse 4.5 1 

Hogs reverse 4.5 2

From the Jurassic Park/Lost Continent bridge:

Outside Hogs 4.5 2

Outside Hogs 4.5 1

A few more shots of Hagrid's Hut:

Hagrid 4.5 2 

Hagrid 4.5 1

Hogwarts out in front:

Hogwarts 4.5 1

Hogwarts 4.5 2

And Hogwarts from the south side:

Hogwarts side 4.5 1

Hogwarts Side 4.5 2

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I love Hogwarts!

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