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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update: 2/3/09


After months of work clearing the Wizarding World construction site and building the massive Hogwarts structure, a new piece of the puzzle has somehow popped into the fold: a hut.

Hagrid's Hut, to be more specific, now under construction under the old Flying Unicorn ride. It's not much to look at at this point, at least viewed closely in the Dueling Dragons queue. However, it's a sign of progress for this extravagant Islands of Adventure project.

Here's the movie version of the hut.

Hagrid's hut movie

Here's the construction photos from behind the Hogwarts clearing.

Hagrid Hut 2

Hagrid Hut

And an outside look.

Hagrid Hut Bridge

Also, directly in front of the Hogwarts building, a queue design of some kind (perhaps I'm way off on that guess) has formed over the last month.

Last month.

Hogwarts line 

This past weekend.

Hogwarts line 3

And here are the latest views of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts 2.1

Hogwarts 2.1 2

And the former Enchanted Oak area (complete with bored teamster).

Oak Area

Oak area 2

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Thanks for posting these great pics!! We've never been to Universal.. just staying with MK until Harry Potter opens.


Thanks for posting the updates!! I'm trying to be patient until the park opens, and your updates help a lot!

Thai girl

I wanna live in USA!!!


Stacey you should check it out... It's not as kid oriented as disney but more family oriented. something for everyone to do, and rides and show experiences for all age groups and of types.

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