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Jandrew Edits - Star Trek: The Next Generation

It probably helps to be a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fan to appreciate a fraction of the absurdity above, but I trust most out there will be able to appreciate a swell joke when they see one.

The culprit here is “Jandrew Edits” a phantom entity committed to the fine art of editorial tomfoolery, working primarily in the TNG realm. The clips, found HERE, are frequently brilliant little riffs on the beloved sci-fi series or whatever spark of insanity they felt eager to introduce at the time.

I laughed hard and long watching these things. And I typically find very little pleasure from the polluted YouTube world.

Jandrew, perhaps feeling boxed in by the “Trek” stuff, is working their way into “Back to the Future.” Here’s their first effort:

And another gold TNG ribbing:


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