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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Update: 10/4/08

HARRY - Coming

While The Wizarding World of Harry Potter starts its construction, one major ride at the Islands of Adventure is caught in the bulldozing crossfire: Dueling Dragons.

Arguably the finest roller coaster at Universal Orlando, Dueling Dragons is located deep in the heart of The Lost Continent, the land hit the hardest by the Potter invasion. Since Universal management wisely wants to keep the vital attraction open as long as possible to keep guests tickled while they stumble around construction sites and assorted roadblocks, the park planners have reorganized the entrance to the coaster.

Here’s the old path.

Map Pre-Dragon Move

And here’s the new.

New Pathway Map

By smooshing Dragons into Jurassic Park, it mucks with the theming to a disconcerting degree, even more so if you’re a hot-blooded park enthusiast who takes matters of property placement with utmost severity. The new entrance looks funny, but there’s a purpose, and I’m glad to see the Dragons still open to the public, even if they have to walk far out of their way to get to there.

Dragons 1 

Dragons 3 

Dragons 4 

Dragons 5 

Dragons 6 

Dragons 7 

Dragons 8

The abrupt, new dead end in Continent has resulted in a heartbreaking scene of bored workers trying to entertain themselves as games of skill go untouched and ice cream sits unsold. “Where dem dragons go?” has to be the most popular question posed to these minimum-wage heroes these days.

Dead End 1

Also, here are a few new shots of the Hogwarts construction. As the pictures below reveal, the “skin” of the building is slowly coming together.

Hogwarts 10.4 4 

Hogwarts 10.4 5 

The closed Flying Unicorn ride right next door.

Hogwarts 10.4 7

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