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Review: Flash Gordon Commentary with Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson


When Universal finally issued a new “Flash Gordon” DVD in August 2007, it was shockingly bereft of supplemental features. The studio cobbled together only a smattering of voices to chat up the film, but where were Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson? Surely the stars of the picture would hope to contribute their thoughts on a film that christened them cult figures, continues to fund their bank accounts through convention appearances, and gave them life as both heterosexual and homosexual focal points?

Well, it appears both actors wanted to participate, but they also wanted some compensation for their time, and Universal wasn’t going to indulge those dreams. Instead the studio poined up for “superfan” Alex Ross and crusty screenwriter Lorenzo “Abe Simpson” Semple Jr. to flesh out the “Gordon” event. The DVD included a wonderful presentation of the picture (where’s the Blu-ray?), but as a special edition, it was a monumental letdown.

Sadly, if you’re a “Gordon” maniac like me, piecing together an accurate overview of the film’s history is a challenging and a somewhat expensive proposition. U.K. and French DVDs provided audio commentary tracks from director Mike Hodges and a spellbinding chat with actor Brian Blessed (Prince Vultan), while also including a handful of production photographs. It’s all well and good, but still not as meaty a remembrance as a fan would like. 

FLASH melodyFLASH sam  

An additional piece of the puzzle recently dropped into my field of vision, and I’m almost embarrassed to write that I had absolutely no idea it existed. As a middle-finger to Universal, Jones and Anderson sat down and recorded an audio commentary track way back in December for a site called “Big Kev’s Geek Stuff.” I have no idea who Big Kev is, and after listening to the track, he doesn’t seem like much of a geek, but I give the guy credit for chasing down these actors and allowing them a forum to share some anecdotes on the making of this wonderfully odd, glittery masterpiece.

Now, I’ve sat through my fair share of commentaries, and I usually break them down into these categories: Technical (lots of info, straight to the point, informative), Conversational (focused on humor and keeping the discussion moving, making for a great viewing pal), Obnoxious (pushing gags instead of information), and Clueless (participants have no idea what a commentary is for, often ask, “I hope I’m not ruining the movie by talking over it.”).

FLASH commentarygang

The Jones/Anderson track I would classify as a blend of Clueless and Obnoxious, but still remains somewhat pleasurable. Just having the actors in the same room discussing “Flash Gordon” is enough for a nerd contact high, but they don’t receive enough direction from Big Kev, and they often flounder trying to come off hi-larious. Anderson is the main offender here, reprimanding the guys in the room who inquire about set details (she clings to this overextended joke that the film is “real”), complains that stories offered on upcoming scenes are ruining the surprises (lady, everyone has seen the film already!), comically demands silence during her close-ups, and scolds Jones for launching into interesting stories on life off the set. Of course, it’s her way of being adorable, so I’ll try to contain my resentment, but it’s obvious to me Anderson has no idea what a commentary is supposed to offer.

Jones is a little more entertaining when he’s allowed a moment to pipe up, and the two actors have a delightfully friendly, sibling-like relationship that’s amusing to listen to. Here are some of the highlights of the track:

- Anderson claims she was hired the day before principal photography began.
- Big Kev reveals interesting details on a few deleted scenes.
- Discussing the character Dr. Hans Zarkov, Anderson keeps referring to actor Topol as “Hands” Zarkov, without ever explaining the joke. I can only imagine what she’s referring to.
- It seems Jones suggested the famous “football fight” sequence. It was originally written as a straight-up brawl.
- Andy Warhol was a huge fan of “Gordon.”
- Jones mentions a few acting tips handed to him by the masterful Max von Sydow.  
- Big Kev takes some time to point out “pet peeve” mistakes during the movie, only to reveal himself as the world’s least observant filmgoer.
- Jones talks briefly about the troubles he faced after shooting wrapped, which alienated him from the post-production process, leading to his voice being dubbed by another actor.
- Jones also states he was signed up for seven “Gordon” sequels, while both actors express heavy disappointment they weren’t allowed to return for even one more film.

FLASH samsword

For any fan of the picture, this track is a worthwhile listen to extract new lumps of info from the making of the movie. Overall, it’s a disappointment, with two actors clearly having a ball watching the picture again after all these years, but offering very little insight on how this complicated film was shaped. Ah well, it’s still a step forward for the “Gordon” universe of information. And it reveals that Melody Anderson is an utterly goofball human being. Who knew?

The audio download will set you back about seven bucks, and can be found here. Again, if you adore the picture, it’s worth the money. At least Jones and Anderson can rest now with a few extra coins on their pocket. There’s also a DVD available for purchase with a video commentary track and a few photos for sale (the stills here are from this disc). While Big Kev might know geek stuff, he’s a complete joke in the customer service department. I would avoid the DVD.


For added “Flash Gordon” celebration value, here’s the rarely-seen teaser trailer for the film:

And here’s the drag queen take on this classic (warning – NSFW):


Big Kev

Wow. Ok, let's clear up some of the confusion and misinformation in this review. I wanna be clear to those reading, and the author. I appreciate your opinion, be it positive or negative, and you are entitles to it. But I'm entitled to respond, and to fill in the amazing gaps of information you have deprived your readers of. Let's begin. Hi! I'm Big Kev of "BigKev'sGeekStuff". Myself and my staff put together one HECK of a show about the entire span of geek culture. Everything from comics to toys to film and games, and much, much more! Our show can be heard occasionally on XM Sirrius Satelite Radio, ch. 202, on Sat. nights. Sometimes live, sometimes taped. You can also download our weekly show each and every week over at www.BigKevsGeekStuff.com. You can also participate in the fun in many ways, all of which are available or coming to the website soon! I have been an active member in geek media for 20 odd years, and have been seen in print, on radio and TV, and the web. If you listen to our show, I'm quite sure you will come away thinking "This guy is a geek of Wagnerian proportions." (A geek will get that reference.) We offer for sale at the site the only commentary Sam Jones and Melody Anderson will do for this film. We offer this in two formats: 1 - A digital download of the audio commentary, which you can play through your Ipod or similar device, or on a laptop, etc., while you watch the classic 1980 film. 2 - A limited edition, numbered (150) DVD, that features the audio commentary, a video commentary(Which is the filming of the audio commentary), some special still shots of the occasion. The disc also features artwork by "Superfan" Alex Ross, and is also signed by both Sam and Melody. I'm really sorry that you didn't like the ONLY commentary that these 2 will ever offer on the film. And that's fine. You have your distinct, and I'd say narrow, views on commentaries, and I'm sure that it works for you. For me, and the thousands of others who have enjoyed the commentary since we created it, the rare opportunity to enjoy the 2 stars of this movie talking about the film, sharing their memories about it, and having fun (A trait human beings all share, mostly.), is everything a commentary is supposed to be, in our humble opinion. To classify something as "obnoxious" because you aren't being served with the exact information YOU feel is relevant in a commentary, is egotistical and self-centered. You say in your "review" that the "obnoxious" category of commentaries is: "Obnoxious (pushing gags instead of information)" Yet, in the same review you claim "For any fan of the picture, this track is a worthwhile listen to extract new lumps of info from the making of the movie." So which is it? To classify someone as "clueless" because you don't understand or appreciate sarcasm, humor, and just having a good time, is crude and tasteless. I know you'd rather an analytical expose on how the complex Flash Gordon story in the film evolved, or, in your words, a "little insight on how this complicated film was shaped", but this just isn't that film. They wanted to have fun and tell stories. And they only shared what they experienced, and not what you were looking for, whatever that is. Interesting that you called the film "complicated". As for the DVD, and my "deceptions", we had an issue with our fulfillment company (The company we hired to handle sales, delivery and so on.) and needed to send some of the discs ourselves. I apologized profusely to anyone that was forced to be a part of that delay. It wasn't a "deception", it was a situation beyond our control. Maybe that's something you've never had to deal with before, but it happens. The situation has been corrected, and shipping is back on schedule (3-4 weeks delivery after the date of ordering). However, your difficulties aside, this unfortunate situation takes nothing away from the fact that the commentary, and the DVD in particular, is a awesome product for fans of this film. Telling your "readers" to avoid a great product, from an 28 year old film, with relatively nothing in terms of fan product, because I'm a "complete joke in the customer service dept." is not only a dis-service, but just wrong as you project your dissatisfaction with shipping (Again, a situation beyond our control) on to the product. It's amazingly irresponsible. So, if you out there are a fan of the film, make you own opinion. You can head over to BigKevsGeekStuff.com and get either version that suits your needs and budget. And while Brian here can't seem to make up his mind whether "this track is a worthwhile listen to extract new lumps of info from the making of the movie" or "it’s a disappointment, with two actors clearly having a ball watching the picture again after all these years", one thought immediately following the other, perhaps you, as a fan, or you, buying for a fan, will have a good time, just like we did. Review the PRODUCT, discuss the situation. One has little to do with the other.

Big Kev

Franky James

I think Big Kev needs a refresher course on reading comprehension. The review is pretty clear that fans might enjoy the track no matter what is said, while others might find the whole shebang useless. I’m not sure why Kev is throwing a fit here.

Brian, what’s the deal with the shipping problems?


Perhaps Big Kev needs to learn about small paragraphs.

Ginny Weasley

Actually, Kev, I would love to know more about the making of Flash Gordon. I don't want jokes.

Brian Blessed provided a wonderful commentary that was packed with info. Why couldn't Jones and Anderson? Why scream at Brian for pointing out the commentary's lack of substance?

And I second Franky's thoughts: the review makes perfect sense to me.

John Markson

Personally, I found the commentary quite amusing and enjoyable. I didn't find anything clueless or obnoxious about it. Sure it may have been a little goofy, but it made for a good time. I enjoyed watching the chemistry between Melody and Sam.

Now.. as far as Big Kev not being a geek.. if you've ever listened to his show, you'd change your mind about that rather quickly.

In regards to shipping deceptions, I had absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Mark Corowin

The review doesn't call the commentary itself obnoxious and clueless, those are just the categories used.

A friend passed the commentary to me, and all I have to say is Melody Anderson is better seen than heard.

Andrew P

Melody and Sam ARE great. This commentary was a waste of time.

Big Kev is WAY TOO defensive here. I think he knows there's no true Flash trivia revealed here and lashes out at Brian to cover his shame.

Matt C

I wouldn't say the commentary was a waste. I do think you have some points when laid out against your criteria. That being said I did enjoy it and thought it was pretty fun. You do appear to contradict yourself a few times in your review though that does make we wonder if you had some lingering anger due to your customer service experience. I'd reccomend this, in either form, to anyone who is a Flash Gordon fan.


Review makes sense to me. I heard the commentrary, and Sam Jones can't get a word in!

Such a missed opportunity.

Kennedy Jones

Matt, where's the contradiction? I don't see it in the review. It reads clean.

Sounds like horrible waste of a commentary opportunity.

Matt C

I guess the one I saw(see?) was there seemed to be a sense of not offering enough info on the movie and movie making but then there is a list of highlights and new information including this "this track is a worthwhile listen to extract new lumps of info from the making of the movie." I'm just saying that some valid points on what he would have liked to have seen vs what was seen was somewhat clouded by what seemed to be a poor Cust Svc experience.

I happen to enjoy a commentary where the cast members are involved and reminice and about the movie which is what this was to me. As to weather or not either Melody or Sam was corny is kind of irrelevant to me.

Also there was some ire towards Kev that I dont think had to do with the commentary. Either way at the end some will like this some will not.


Here's my take:

Brian says there's stuff for the fans, but only a small amount of goodies (ie "lumps")

he recommends the track to fans, since there's nearly nothing out there in Flash Gordon land.

However, he warns about the tracks's lack of focus and true information.

I see no moaning about the customer service until the end, and it doesn't cloud the entire review. "Big Kev" even admits that shipping was completely screwed up, yet he doesn't offer Brian any apology here (he says, "I apologized profusely to anyone" but not Brian and not here). Kev gets upset about the review, but doesn't try to make peace with Brian. I think this says everything about Kev's lack of character.

Perhaps Brian is right here.

matt c

The reason I say it appears to cloud some of the review is that thruout the review he does take shots at Kev. If he is reviewing the commentary then I'm not sure how calling Kev clueless or unobservant is relevant. That was my only point.



Perhaps those jabs are unfair, but I haven't heard the commentary. Maybe Kev really doesn't know much about Flash Gordon, I don't know.

Brian typically doesn't shit on people for no reason. Maybe Kev deserves some criticism. The wild rant he left behind here clearly demonstrates he's not mentally prepared for opposing viewpoints.

Gary Froelicht

I agree with every word Brian writes here. The commentary is a bust and a waste of money.

And my DVD took seven weeks to arrive. So, yeah, Big Kev doesn't offer acceptable customer service.

Thank christ someone finally mentioned this awful commentary.

Keith Gleason

I personally thought this commentary was a lot of fun for a movie that is ridiculously fun.

For everyone of you that wants a technical commentary. There's a lot of us who like listening to actors just having a good time.

I highly recommend the commentary to Flash Gordon fans.

Jensen Matberry

Yes, fun time for fun movie...blah, blah, blah...


Way to drop the ball Big Kev.

Phat Doode

Yeah, I heard this commentary earlier this year and I REALLY didn't like it. There's little moderating going on, and Sam Jones keeps getting bitchslapped by Melody and her dumbass jokes.

For Flash fans, I would stick with the Blessed track. Now there's some good shit.

Big Kev is a chump. Who the fuck doesn't understand the football fight sequence dialog...

Keith Gleason

We'll have to agree to disagree then, I enjoyed the light-hearted approach to this movie.

Either way i'm glad Big Kev made this happen for Flash Gordon fans and I applaud him.


I've met Big Kev.

There's no amount of booze that could erase the horrible memory.

He's a douche, and the commentary is an insult to Flash fans.

That is all.

Lady A

First off, I love the categories of commentaries! Those are so true!! LOL indeed :)

Second, (and this one's for "BigKev") the review isn't contradictory, it's complex. The best reviewer doesn't always have to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" but a review of each aspect of the movie. You can like something but find faults in it. I love ice-cream, but find the fat and calories disappointing.

Some things aren't black and white BigKev! Get over yourself!

Great review Brian :)

Adrian K.

Right off the bat, I'd like you to know that I am a fan of Big Kev's Geek Stuff and know them personally. To go this far to get Sam & Melody to do commentary for this movie when the studio did not deserves some praise. Correction: it deserves a LOT of praise. You have to give them credit where credit's due. Whether any of you liked or disliked the commentary is okay. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

With that said, I think it's a bit uncool that Kev or the show is getting all this flack as I'm reading in the comments. I believe a "thank you" is in order here. Instead, most of you guys are attacking not so much the quality of the commentary but of Kev himself. Let's keep it on topic. This isn't a battle over how much you love Brian or how much you hate Kev or vice versa. Let's not make this personal...and I mean that for people on both sides of the fence.

Jacob Styles (New Jersey represent!)

Yeah right, a thank you to Kev?

Jones and Anderson wanted MONEY to do the commentary - they didn't show up out of the kindness of their hearts.

Had I known this little fact, I would've put up the money to do the track. And then it would've been properly moderated and packed with info. Not just a boring joke festival.

Screw Big Kev. He doesn't deserve the credit.


My DVD took six weeks to arrive, so I can underdtand what Brian is talking about.

And when the DVD came? It had fingerprints all over it. Awful!

I would suggest everyone avoid Big Kev.

Levon Grange

Adrien K, you are a tool.

Yeah, let's lay off Big Kev and not make this personal, but it's OK when he calls Brian "egotistical and self-centered" right?

Big Kev and his Jersey goons can piss off. Go steal the hard-earned money from Flash fan elsewhere.

Adrian K

Levon Grange, that was rather uncalled for. Had you read my comment, especially the end you would've seen that I was speaking to both sides, to Brian & Kev.

There's no way to please everyone, and for what its worth it was very entertaining. To go on a website and to call people out and call them names for having an opinion is sad. I thought we were all better than that.

So if this is the way your posters treat everyone for having a different perspective than I dont think I'll be visiting this site much anymore.

Levon Grange

I'm sure you've never been here before, so your absense would not be felt.

Different perspectives is just fine. Defending Big Kev when he flagrantly insults people is not.

Good riddence, Adrian K.


Adrian K wrote:

"Let's not make this personal...and I mean that for people on both sides of the fence."

Yet on Big Kev's site, he writes:

"the minute Mewes is wearing a t-shirt with Brian Orndorf's ugly mug on it I might listen to what the jerk has to say."


"Some d-bag who has his own d-bag website filled with even more d-bag fans. To hell with him and his fans."

Now there's the true Big Kev fan: a low-class, insultive goon to the very end. Big Keve deserves 'em.

Those guys are unreal.

Philip Castro

I just saw Big Kev's link to this site. Dude, this place is great!

I like Kev, but I think he's way out of line here. This is was fair review.


I ordered the DVD and it took eight weeks to get to me.

Big Kev could not have cared less.


Yo, I know this Adrien guy from around Jersey. He's a real two-faced wacko.

Here's a peek:


Adrian K

Michael, do I know you or something?

Donna Palone


I think Kev owes you a major apology for the way he's acted here, and how he's directed people to your website to make fun of you for diliking the commentary.

I was a fan of Big Kev, but no longer. He's crossed the line here. You wrote a fair and accurate review, and there's no reason he should show such disrespect.

Adrian K

Yeah...you got me pegged...way to find a public blog that's 3 fucking years old.

Jonathan Gallagher

Big Kev doesn't deserve this type of publicity. I've worked with him a few times, and came away with such a low opinion of the man and his diseased organization. I vowed to never again to spend time with Kev.

I'm sorry you had to send these guys money, Brian.

Boy Ray

"I dont think I'll be visiting this site much anymore."

Sheesh, Adrian, now you're a liar? You haven't gone anywhere.

Enjoy the site. And delete that blog you fucking loon.

Adrian K

Wacko...loon...this is great. Christmas is coming up soon. I'll buy you all a nice big ol' Thesaurus you can all use. Maybe even a spell-checker, because damn...you guys cant even flame me by spelling my name right. AND ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Jay B.

The biggest concern I have is whether or not Universal knows that this guy is selling what sounds like bootleg DVDs on his website. Isn't there a copyright issue here? Just a thought.

Big Kev

Jay B. -

We aren't selling anything owned by Universal. The commentary was recorded by us. There is no use of the film, logos or anything else owned by Universal.

Our DVD does NOT contain the "Flash Gordon" movie, only the commentary film we created.

Big Kev

For the last time, and I know this will be gone before most of you read it, I do NOT have a problem that Mr. Orndorff didn't like the commentary, although I did think his choice of language was crude to the people involved.

I stated, which was taken down, and re-edited, and then put back up, twice, that I was responding to the fact that Mr. Orndorf didnt tell the whole story, nor did he completely describe the product he was "reviewing".

And what really infuriated me was his re-editing of my words, without so much as a notation to his readers that he had done so.

If any of you had your posts altered, you'd be just as upset as I was.

Not to mention that Mr. Orndorff has been reaching out to me via email, asking me to discuss this directly with him.

Well, we are done. This isn't interesting anymore. And I don't want to give undue exposure to Mr. Orndorff, just as he doesn't want to do so for me.

A few parting notes, and off we go.

Levon - Whom did I "flagerantly" insult?

Phillip - i dont see you on my list. but, if you're legit, you were probably part of the same issue we had with shipping as Mr. Orndorff. And for that, I am sorry.

Donna - Did you see the product? Then how can you know if it's accurate?

John Gallager - Lol. You never worked with me, or anyone associated with me.

Mr. Orndorf - Good luck with your site. You're going to need it.

Matt C

I’d just like to comment on a few things here said by some people:
Kenny- There were a lot of Flash fans that enjoyed this commentary for what it was. Which was there chance to hear what Sam and Melody thought of the movie
Jacob Styles- BKGS does deserve some credit for putting this together and I think Brian even says so himself. It was not an easy task and not a matter of just having some money to throw at it to make it happen.
Canty- We apologized for this and explained it was out of our hands to a certain degree. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you but we tried to rectify a bad situation.
Philip Castro- Thanks for the honesty and hope you continue to enjoy both sites.
Donna Palone – Sorry you feel that way. In all fairness I think there was some disrespect on both sides of this and it has since gotten out of hand. As for sending people here to make fun of Brian that is not the case. We sent people here to say what they felt. We even told people to say they agreed with Brian if that was the case. It’s around time Stamp 40:32. We told people to say how they felt. If they chose to, like Adrian K and Keith G, fine. If they don’t, fine. We’ve given anyone the opportunity to bash us or agree with us.
Jonathan Gallagher- Not sure if you’ve meant you worked with Kev in the capacity of this show….but as co-host I don’t know who you are and since I’m involved in pretty much every aspect of this show in some way that is a shock. How did you work with Kev on this show?

Henry K

It starting to read like the Oscars around here! :)

I've heard the commentary. I didn't like it either. It's clear Big Kev is out of line. The review is dead on.

Brian, keep up the great work.

Sherri Anderson

Big Kev writes:

"Mr. Orndorf - Good luck with your site. You're going to need it."

Let's check Alexa rankings for a moment, shall we?

www.brianorndorf.com: 358,528
www.bigkevsgeekstuff.com: 3,124,479

Oh, Big Kev. How sad.

Optimus Dime

Yeah, I'm a fan of Big Kev, but the commentary was a major letdown. This review really speaks about the problems, and I'm glad someone brought up the lack of quality.

The Big Kev crew should really rerecord the whole thing.


The commentary wasn't cool. Fact is fact.

I can't believe the commotion Big Kev is making about this. How embarassing.

Cantor Jay

I came here from Big Kev's site...

The review is well written and quite accurate. Bravo, Brian.


"The Big Kev crew should really rerecord the whole thing."


Let Sam Jones fly solo. Ditch the annoying Anderson.

Matt C

Ok so having re read the review, again, and many of the comments that have followed I notice two major points here. One I dont think myself, kev or anybody else invovled in this project can really defend nor should we and one we can, or have tried to defend. First is Melody Anderson. Alot of you have issues with her "performace" or "input" on the commentary. We didnt really contral that. we tried to let them do what that wanted because they both were eager to participate in this. They both felt they had some fun stories to tell and some input where necessary and we were trying to keep it natural. If you dont like her input there is not much we can do to change that. Second would be the name calling and shipping issues. It happened on both sides. Doesnt make it right on either side.

As for shipping we aknowldged there were problems. I know I spoke with some people on them and I know Kev spoke with some people on them. We tried our hardest to correct and rectify them. We apologize if some people got the discs late or dirty. We advertised a 3-4 week period for delivery and some people got it in double that time but we tried to correct them all. It was out of our hands until brought to our attention. And once it was we tried to correct it quickly. As for fingerprints, again we did not package these discs ourselves. I have a rather large personal dvd collection and sometimes I get discs with scratches, prints, dust, even incorrectly placed disc artowork. It happens. For anybody who has purchased large numbers of DVD's to say they have never encountered this until now is hard for me to believe. I save all my receipts for this reason so I can return defective discs. Please also remember that each of these discs were hand signed so there may have been some fingerprints from that process as well. We tried to provide a product to fans and tried to be responsible about it. Sorry if it doesn't come off that way though.

I think the product is a good one and I stand behind it. I know many people who enjoyed it and I know Sam and Melody enjoyed making it and I think is important as well. I think thats it.

Marisa Bueller


Who the hell is talking about fingerprints?

We're talking about an awful commentary here.

Matt C

I believe two people made comments on the prints but I could be wrong. I was just addressing aspects of the customer service issue. And again for the commentary...I'm sorry you didnt enjoy it. Some did, some clearly did not. People look for different things in commentary tracks. I normally like a laid back fun kind of experience. I dont usually need a bunch of technical info but that's my opinion.

Voltron Django

Big Kev is so sensitive.

It's just a bad review, and it sounds like it was justified. Why get all bent out of shape about it.

You should be thrilled with the publicity.

Brad Pope

" I dont usually need a bunch of technical info but that's my opinion."

It surely is.

But I think the larger demo was looking for big production stories, since it's such a rare situation where Jones and Anderson are paid to do a commentary.

I think they is why the majority of people are disappointed in this track. It's just goofing around, not taking the incredible opportunity seriously. What a missed chance to really give Flash fans something to chew on.

I've heard the track. Brian's thoughts are incredibly accurate, and his review is pretty funny. I don't find it meanspirited at all. It's the truth.

Matt C

Again, and this is the honest to god truth, we let Sam and Melody make the commentary track they wanted to make. It took a lot of convincing to get them to do anything to some degree and they wanted to do what they were comfortable with. I'm not saying that some of these opinions are not valid but understand the flip side of the coin. I dont think, Kev or myself, ever had a problem saying that the track was not what they wanted I think it all mostly originated with the comments regarding a known shipping problem and calling kev deceiving. I'm pretty positive we said that on our show and kev said it in his original post as well. It's been a while since I reread it again lol


Fingerprints, scratches, shipping delays, an unfocused track...

Sounds like a gem of a purchase. PASS.


Like many here, I heard the commentary.

Like many here are writing, Brian is correct in his critique.

It's not an informative track, it's not a funny track. It's just passable due to nostalgia.

There's no reason Big Kev should've blown a gasket here. If his feelings were hurt, perhaps he should've been more proactive in resolving shipping delays. I see nothing wrong with Brian suggesting deception if he felt decieved.

It's not like Big Kev has openly apologized to Brian here on the comment list. he still sound pissed off and unwilling to assume responsibility.

I don't know anything about the "fingerprint" situation, but if Big Kev is allowing damanged DVDs to be mailed out under his name, that's a huge problem.

Big Kev should really "man up" here and fix problems, not complain about a perhaps rightfully disgruntled CUSTOMER. That's just not right.

From the Alexa rankings, it seems Big Kev needs Brian's help rather than Brian needs Big Kev's podcast plug.

Philip Castro

Big Kev wrote:

"Not to mention that Mr. Orndorff has been reaching out to me via email, asking me to discuss this directly with him."

So why in the hell have you been blowing him off?

Seems like you should've resolved this situation in a less public manner. Perhaps Brian would've rewritten the review to reflect such an offering of respect.

Big Kev, you come off as a man of little class. Now I really understand the review.

Thank god Matt is here trying to make some sense of the situation.


From the looks of his responses, I don't think Big Kev is a very bright guy.

Candice Boyle

Big Kev wrote:

"Mr. Orndorf - Good luck with your site. You're going to need it."

That sounds like a threat! I bet Big Kev is gonna hack this site now. Sheesh, what a loser.

matt c

No one is hacking the site I assure you. We've been taking all the criticism and it's fine.

To address the Alexa rankings real quick. Clearly this site is popular, and has a good solid regular readership, But I don't look at web ranking too much for our site since we are not primarily that type of site. Most people access our show directly thru I-Tunes or any number of podcast directories, and rss readers. Not to mention we get heard on XM Satellite Radio on a rotating basis.

Again just hear to present the facts.

Candice Boyle

That's still a very strange thing for Big Kev to write.

Matt C

We are not for censoring what people say. We may not sit back and not respond to or comment on what people say but do not censor. We're broadcastors is some way shape or form so censorship is just not our thing.

Candice Boyle

Matt, do you drink heavily? Take wacky pills?

Who said anything about censoring?

I'm talking about implied threats toward this site from a guy with iffy reading comprehension.


I'm still trying to figure out why there's a fingerprint issue!!!

Why did Matt bring that up?


"We're broadcastors is some way shape or form so censorship is just not our thing."

So why didn't you invite Brian on your show to discuss this issue? That would've been fun to hear! It's not censorship per say, but it certainley isn't addressing concerns like a responsible organization such a Geek Stuff should do.

Was Big Kev afraid?

Matt C

If you go back thru the comments here someone or several soemone made complaints about prints on the discs. i was just addressing that person.

As for censorship, hacking a site and bringing it down would be just that. It would remove people's abilites to post and comment what they want to say. If Kev or someone else hacked the site they would be removing that ability to speak your minds and that is censorship. And I don't think KEv misread anything Brian said. He clearly said some things, not infered them, so I dont think attacking his comprehension is fair.

As for brian coming on the show, we discovered the review they day we recorded the show. Not really time to set up a phone call, however if Brian were interested in comming on the show to discuss it we invite him to do so. Kev and I and anyone else associated with the show are not afraid to confront people with differing opions, we provide an open forum for that. To say we are afraid because we didnt have him on isn't really fair. He's not knocking down our door to come on either as far as I know.


Podcasters making a DVD that's not the most professional thing in the universe? Ludicrous!

A blogger with a smarmy review. The nerve!

You know there's a war going on, right?

Erin Mickers

"Podcasters making a DVD that's not the most professional thing in the universe? Ludicrous!

A blogger with a smarmy review. The nerve!"

A blog commentator feeding his superiority complex, but fails to find the bravery to post his real name!

Don’t give yourself the gold star of internet awesomeness achievement just yet, “MB.”

Shannon Nutt

Isn’t this all so very fun to read.

The “Flash Gordon” commentary did the rounds on the torrents earlier this year and the response was almost universal disdain. It was compared to the Mike Hodges commentary: a beautiful moment to capture some “Gordon” information, lost to a clueless commentator. Of course, I haven’t heard the track myself (I won’t give a dime to Big Kev and refuse to even steal it), but the feedback was very poor, making Brian’s assessment here in line with popular opinion.

Big Kev could’ve ignored the review and moved on with his life, but he didn’t, whining about mistreatment on SOMEONE ELSE’S blog. It’s all very petty, with further comments isolating Big Kev as narcissist who can’t handle criticism, lashing out here and on his podcast to protect an asset it seems nobody really likes. Matt C is the good cop, trying to stay calm, but throwing non-sequiturs left and right that are bewildering. He wants to set the record straight, but only digs the Big Kev crew in deeper.

Of course, this war of words and accusations is inane, but that’s what the internet it for. Big Kev and Matt C need to be big boys and walk away from this. Ignoring the comments would be the smartest course of action to take. No more vague threats toward Brian, cries of censorship (a point that really has no merit on a personal blog), and repeated insistence of jocular commentary intent. BK and Matt C: WE GET IT.

Put it to bed, gentlemen. Or settle this the old fashioned way… a dance off.


Sherri Anderson: I really can't believe you used Alexa as a means to see who has a bigger audience. Big Kev can be heard on XM radio and his podcast is available in other places other than on his website, like Itunes. Alexa is a very shoddy way of judging internet traffic statistics. Granted, being in the 3 millionths sucks, but 358,528 is okay and nothing to brag about.

Sherri Anderson

Who was bragging? I was just using the nearest traffic measuring stick to highlight the wide gap between the sites.

Find a better one for me since your panties are in a wad. Put up or shut up.

Shannon Nutt

Two seperate medias, Toy Bender and Sherri.

You can't really compare the sites.

However, if Big Kev really had any juice, it wouldn't be in the millions. The XM/iTunes argument is too thin to cover that massive hole. XM barely gets any listeners (hence the merger) and iTunes is swimming in podcasts nobody pays attention to.

Masked Sanity

To Shannon Nutt:

Before the merger XM had 9,653,000 subscribers. Does that sound like "barely any" to you?

To Everyone else:

I enjoy Big Kev's Geek Stuff and think that fans of the Flash Gordon movie should be grateful that ANYBODY got them Jones and Anderson together for a commentary. Universal didn't do it, but Big Kev did.

Adrian K

Masked Sanity...that was pretty much the message here and I'm glad someone else sees this for what it is: entertainment.

Even if any of you absolutely hated the DVD and such, maybe it will allow studios to see just how much an impact commentaries have on fans who want to hear about the film from the mouths of the principle actors.

Think about it this way: As dumb as an example it might be, Family Guy's return to television after years of cancellation had a lot to do with fan reaction to the cartoon network airings and especially the DVDs. The studio saw just how popular the show was people and acted accordingly.

The Flash Gordon commentary DVDs that Geek Stuff put together should be noted for putting some of the control back into the hands of fans and not some stuffy studio.

Looking past the discs itself, this could be very important..

Stephanie Muldoon

Adrian K - the man who pitched a fit and swore he would never come back here. And he's back.

"The Flash Gordon commentary DVDs that Geek Stuff put together should be noted for putting some of the control back into the hands of fans and not some stuffy studio."

Then how do you explain the Blessed commentary, which as produced by a "stuffy studio," and is 10x the commentary the Jones/Anderson offering is?

Yeah, thought so.

Adrian, go away. Keep your inane thoughts on Big Kev's site, where you clearly shit all over Brian, but don't have the balls to do it here.

Shannon Nutt

"Before the merger XM had 9,653,000 subscribers. Does that sound like "barely any" to you?"

Subscribers? Sure. I assure you Big Kev's show doesn't pull 1/1000th of that number. No way.

Don't start pulling Howard Stern math around here. I won't buy that BS.

Breaker B

The commentary was dreadful.

I can't believe anyone could defend it.

Masked Sanity

From Shannon Nutt:
"Before the merger XM had 9,653,000 subscribers. Does that sound like "barely any" to you?"

Subscribers? Sure. I assure you Big Kev's show doesn't pull 1/1000th of that number. No way.

Don't start pulling Howard Stern math around here. I won't buy that BS.>>

Of course I would not be silly enough to imply that all the subscribers of XM were listening to Big Kev's shows. HOWEVER, it is a FACT that Big Kev's Geek Stuff happens to air on XM's most popular channel.
And you can't deny that if the show were not any good it would not have been invited back to XM as many tims as it has.

Can o Peas

Big Kev is a jerk. What a baby.

Shannon Nutt

"And you can't deny that if the show were not any good it would not have been invited back to XM as many tims as it has."

XM/Sirius will take any cheap labor it can find. Any.

Kendall Williams

I hated Big Kev and his stupid, worthless show before, but after reading this, I downright loathe him.

It's a terrible commentary, people. Stay away from it.


Thank you, Brian. This was a great review.

I now know not to go near Big Kev's and anything he touches.

Awesome! :) You saved me some bucks.


Quit dumping on Big Kev. I don't see anybody else here reuniting cast members to do commentary tracks for their fans.


It seems that BigKev is proud of the fact that he brought Sam and Melody together to do the commentary they wanted to do, without any sort of quality control.

Then, when someone points out that the commentary is self-indulgent, he gets all upset even though letting the stars do exactly what they wanted to do was his stated goal.

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