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WALL-E still

Pixar as a formidable storytelling machine is not an entity I’m entirely comfortable with. The studio has turned itself into a faceless animation brand name, and while I can’t argue the box office numbers, I’m not buying the artistic results. “Wall-E” is Pixar’s biggest creative gamble in over a decade; a genuine cinematic leap of faith. However, the ambition doesn’t match the outcome, and while “Wall-E” dances whimsically, it’s a plodding, frighteningly hypocritical, and forbidding film that trips over its fogged intentions at every dreary turn.

It’s 800 years into the future, and Earth is left in a pile of ruins, with garbage piled as high as skyscrapers and the landscape a sickly shade of brown. The last robot left on the planet is Wall-E, a compactor machine who dutifully carries out his business cleaning up the land while he dreams of companionship, fueled by repetitive screenings of “Hello Dolly” and indulging his childlike curiosity whenever he can. Sent to Earth to retrieve signs of life is Eve, a probe droid who Wall-E is instantly smitten with, and the two form a startling bond. When Eve finds a plant sample on the dead planet, she’s snatched back to the pathetic remnants of the human race for questioning, leaving Wall-E ready to hitch a ride off Earth to remain with her.

It’s easy to become wrapped up in the light show director Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo”) fires off with “Wall-E.” It’s a film seemingly constructed with a mind toward pure simplicity: our hero, Wall-E, is a robot who only speaks in electronic tones, participates in plenty of slapstick inquisitiveness, and all he wants is love. It’s a veritable Pixar to-do list of elementary visual gags, and “Wall-E” indulges every scrap of physical comedy available for the first third of the picture (nearly completely free of dialogue), even handing the robot a traditional best pal of sorts in a loyal cockroach. This is the comfortable, reassuring padding that Pixar could accomplish with their eyes closed, with Wall-E decked out in full cute mode to help ease the audience into this bleak, post-apocalyptic world that few G-rated animated projects would dare consider.

Where “Wall-E” heads next is sure to divide audiences. Following Eve into space, Wall-E boards the “Axiom,” a huge cruise space ship that’s home to the loose ends of the human race. You see, in the 700-years since mankind bolted from Earth, they’ve evolved into overweight blobs of pudding, nurtured by the Buy-N-Large Corporation who use humans to feed the endless, aggressive cycles of profitable consumption, leaving them helpless and totally enslaved to commercial trends. The human characters are obese nincompoops who’ve lost the ability to walk eons ago, puttering around on floating chairs waiting impatiently for their next needless desire to be force fed to them by the all-powerful corporate machine.

Here’s where I remind everyone this is a Pixar/Disney picture. Pixar/Disney. Decrying greed.

It’s a pretty ballsy move to create a film condemning the culture of gluttony and corporate insatiability while indulging in those practices to market a film (kids, make sure to buy a Wall-E toy on the way out!), and it opens a can of worms that Stanton has no idea how to properly sort to dramatic satisfaction. “Wall-E” paints in massive brush strokes, attempting to educate younger audience members with horrific vistas of a polluted, wasted Earth and the overall piggish behavior of the humans, while also making sure Wall-E is endearing enough to use on games, toys, and stuffed animals so all concerned make a mint off of vulnerable family audiences.

If “Wall-E” was a scrappy independent film emerging from, say, the great Ralph Bakshi, the contrast and violent condemnation would’ve been a total gas. Coming from Pixar/Disney, it feels… discourteous, or, at the very least, corrosive and incompetent. The overall finger of intolerance is wagged with gale force winds here; a fascinating momentum lost on a picture easily 30 minutes overlong. “Wall-E” doesn’t have much adventure on its mind, nesting comfortably in the details of cutesy robot behavior and mad lunges toward audience sympathy, but there’s no dramatic spine keeping the film a riveting sit. Still, Stanton pushes forward, drawing out Wall-E’s lust past the expiration date and into full-out repetition.

I’m the first guy to applaud a Pixar film not entirely swathed in cliché, but the spark of the film is in constant threat of being snuffed out by the habitual elongation of the ice-thin story. I wasn’t moved by Wall-E’s Chaplinesque mishaps and intergalactic dreams, just agitated that Stanton doesn’t take the character past infantilization or offer something more than pratfalls for our hero to undertake. Wall-E’s shtick tires quickly.

To some, Wall-E is an adorable character with rich emotional professions, and that’s all the cinematic nutrition they need from this picture. I craved that sensation while watching “Wall-E,” but it never arrived. Instead I was left bored and insulted by a misguided, preachy film riddled with absurd messages and run into the ground by complete storytelling lethargy. But that Wall-E sure is cute, huh?


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Mike Hunt

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Right on! This is a TERRIBLE MOVIE. Don't drink the Kool-Aid!


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Wait a minute, so your thesis is that because Disney is a corporation it can't make a movie decrying greed?

Great, so we're left with only independent films showing on three screens to decry corporate greed? Wow.

Mr Malone

Brain, how coold you not like this amazing movee?

Its likemy favorte film evar.

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I applaud you for sharing your opinion truthfully, and actually supporting it. I enjoyed the movie greatly, and although our views on it's content, storytelling, and whatnot may differ, I am glad you posted what you thought to give myself and others something to think about.

Winter boi

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Bart Simpson

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47 year-old virgin

Brian, I must say this review is incredibly well written and thoughtful. I was going to check out the film, but now I don't want to give my money to those demons at Disney.

Thanks for the review. Don't listen to these retards who can't handle the truth.

What a Joke

You have no business reviewing animated movies... or ANY movies for that matter.


u dumb a**hole, D+ for Wall-E, theres domething wrong with you then


YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!! This movie is environmental propaganda from the MOST hypocritical of sources.

It won't make nearly as much money as people think it will, since generally people don't like going to the theatre to be insulted. I'm tempted to buy a ticket just so I can walk out.


Let's say I'm an indie filmmaker in a struggling animation firm outside San Francisco. I know how to make great films. I know I want to release a bunch of films, some of which might even deal with complicated issues like the dangers of global corporations or the importance of sustainable living. Would I rather:

A) Use the vast money and resources of a major corporation to get global distribution and extensive marketing, as to open up the dialog about these issues between parents and kids all over the WORLD.


B) Stay true to my laurels and make a great film that only a handful of people will see at a film festival. If only we had a little more cash to make it the way we wanted...

C) I like to make love to little boys.

Now you might will mega corporation X possibly let me release this movie? Because when I make damn good movies, I end up calling the shots.

And Wall-E is a damn good movie despite the politics of who Andrew Stanton's boss' boss is.

I applaud Andrew Stanton for raising important themes in a manner that lets kids understand them at an early age. I applaud him for not hitting us over the head with these themes, and creating a story that anyone with eyes and a heart can love.

We're all better off for having this film on the market, and you brianorndorf, should know better.


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Steve G.

You forgot to mention that Wally is a complete and total ripoff of Johnny 5 from "Short Circuit"

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jeffrey g

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Congratulations, your review of Wall-E is the only negative one on Rotten Tomatoes. Troll much?

How the hell are you even in RTs aggregate anyway?




This reminds me of how my mom wouldn't listen to certain music if the artist had done something she found questionable.

For her it DID impact her enjoyment of the song.

It's a ridiculous concept to me. Kind of like, if the artist wrote songs about doing bad things that would make it better?

Equating that to this: Would this movie have been better had it not tried to teach a message? Would you not listen to an educator's words that were true because you view the instructor as flawed?

Just bizare.

The Internet

Be transparently provocative by mocking the work of people far more talented than yourself... Hey, way to drive traffic to your shitty blog!


Pixar make great movies.
That's the deal.
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Scott, he's disliked other film before.

Grow up, man. Or get some glasses.


I cried when I read this review.


Buzz Lightyear

Did you write this review before or after your weekend at DisneyWorld dressed as Jar-Jar writing checks to George Lucas?


@Winter Boi:



Well, I was going to bash the crap outta you but apparently you've gotten enough of that. Or have you, you little bastard? Now I haven't actually SEEN Wall-E yet; I'm obviously not as privileged as the likes of you, but WTF, you gave Indiana Jones an A? Uh... Did you watch that movie? It's as if George Lucas fellated Spielberg, which somehow magically transferred every idea Spielberg has ever had about aliens through his load and landed in the script for IJ4. BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE. Almost as dissapointing as your review of Wall-E. Dissenter.

Pixar Poke

Yes, Brian, how dare you not embrace a coldly calcualted product from one of the most flagrantly greedy corporations around!

Maybe you do need Jesus.


Oh, and I'm ghey.


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For God's sake, learn to critique.
This is nothing but your personal hate letter to Disney/Pixar, not a film review.



wow, you must be truly enlightened to see what every other reviewer has not seen wrong about this movie. bravo......braaaavvooo....



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David Banner

Here's how I see it. Everyone likes it, and he HAS to hate it. So he puts up a really bad review, gets thousands of hits on his website where people give him the negative attention he desires and he's so happy, he shares it with all of his friends---if he has any.

He reviews opposite of everyone else just for the notoriety. He gave the last Indiana Jones an A for goodness sake.

Brian, how bout you stick to your job at the 7-11 and stop writing critiques from mommy's basement. Obviously, Movie Critic isn't your chosen profession.


I read that George Carlin read this review AND DIED.


Actually, I'm curious as to what criteria you've met to become a certified RottenTomatoes critic?


"Here's how I see it. Everyone likes it, and he HAS to hate it."

And you see it wrong, douche.

Mr. jameson

I love it, Brian!

You've been reviewing for YEARS, and now these 13 year-olds are calling your credentials into question.

This is why abortion should be legal.

Fuck the youth. The internet is wasted on them.

David Banner

Say Begbie, how bout you go outside and let the adults talk.

David Banner

Frankly, Brian I love the review.

Sam L

How dare you mention the great Ralph Bakshi in this review? When a movie comes along and challenges the conventions of animation and pushes the envelope in terms of the material a cartoon can address, you dare utter Bakshi's name in the same sentence that condemns that film? A film like Wall*e is only evidence of Bakshi's lasting impact on the medium. And do you intent to tell us that if Bakshi had made this movie you would like it? The name one the credits somehow determines whether or not the film is good, regardless of the content on screen? Bullshit. Galactic Bullshit. Is the Godfather a bad film, because Coppola doesn't actually support organized crime? Is Coonskin bad, because Ralph Bakshi isn't black? (Al Sharpton thinks so, but that's a discussion for another day.) Should Kevin Smith not have made Clerks II, simply because he is a millionaire and no longer a clerk?

Why do I love the smell of ass?

Pixar is golden standard for how to run a film studio. They treat their talent well, make a lot of money, and (most importantly) make great films. What other studio has ever functioned as well as Pixar? How dare you criticize them? Have you seen the cg crap that Dreamworks and other studios are making. I thank Jesus every night that someone out there understands how to make a good movie- that's Pixar.

My mommy was a walrus.

I run into way too many people like you in film school. You can't appreciate a good movie, because it's popular. If something isn't made by an artsy douchebag director in Finland for no money, it must be bad. You find illegitimate reasons to hate things, because you're jealous of people with real talent.

My feet smell when I rub them in poop.

In the words of Graham Chapman (whom you probably hate, because he wasn't actually King Arthur when he made The Holy Grail)...

You make me sad... Come, Patsy...


Hmm.... I seem to recall the recent past, that DreamWorks' "Kung Fu Panda" had panda plush in Wal-Mart and the character of the panda was endorsing Hewlett-Packard laptop computers in commercials on TV. And you call Disney greedy when you conveniently ignore that??? We can agree to disagree about what you thought about the movie itself. But I've never heard of you as a movie critic before now, and to disagree that a movie is any good simply because it has merchandising attached to it, when other studios do it too and not just Disney... I mean... Huh????

Obviously you are not a memorabilia collector. Movie merchandise has been a part of pop culture not just for decades, but generations!

Go in peace, I respect your opinions even while disagreeing with your opinions, but so far majority of reviews being posted online or published or broadcast find a lot to like about "Wall-E" and statistically the majority of those favor "Wall-E" and it's cinematic, commercial, success.

Hey, turns out I'm an idiot and can't read to save my life.

I take it all back. Brian, great review.


First, I am a bit embarrassed for the readership of this site. I have never before seen a worse display of grammar and intelligence in a group of posts. Then you have the people who have obviously not seen the movie agreeing with the reviewer about the message. Nice. And finally, how is Wall-E a rip of of short circuit? The eyes?!? First, Short Circuit was a direct design attempt to channel ET. Second, do you really think the designers said "Short Circuit was AMAZING. We really need to rip that off to be successful. Dolts.


Wow, a guy expresses an honest opinion, and all you rejects freak the hell out...why don't all you losers go out and get laid, or, and lets be a little more realistic here, at least by some new porn to beat off to.

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3/4 of your argument consists of telling me how disney can't distribute a film that is about highlighting american's materialism and gluttony while also displaying a beautiful love story between two robots.

WHATT??!??? Is this a film review or a review about Disney's way of operating? Give me a fucking break. The other half of your argument isn't even supported with evidence, it's all a bunch of bullshit rapped around your 15 minutes of fame. congratulations. go fuck your mom.


Wow...look at how no other reviewer seems to agree with you. You just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and took it out on Wall-E.

Matt Perri


Wait just one damn minute...

Brian is the best critic around.


This guy went to the theatre with a stick on his ass. The only really bad review I read from the movie so far and he don't make any sense. Disney/Pixar formula is making movies with a good message, that people enjoy and go to the theatre to see it so they can get a profit of it. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you found that Brian?????? What a moron my god!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is an AWFUL review.

Did you write it just so you can have one of the only two bad reviews on RT?

Delete this shit.


"Instead I was left bored and insulted by a misguided, preachy film riddled with absurd messages and run into the ground by complete storytelling lethargy."

I find it hilarious that this applies to your review as well. Please get off your high chair and realize that you and your indie films aren't the greatest thing since sliced bread. We aren't reviewing the marketing and ad campaign of Disney/Pixar, but the MOVIE itself. Way to stay objective and on-point. Douche.

Derek Haines

You've not so much reviewed the film as you have attempted (and failed) to differentiate yourself by creating some self-indulgent anti-corporate thesis about a completely harmless movie with an entirely positive message.

Way to go, jackass.

William Goss

joe2171: I don't think you comprehend that, if someone in a professional capacity dislikes a movie that they themselves haven't seen yet, then the moviegoing masses will therefore be incapable of enjoying it themselves.

It's that simple. One person's opinion has completely prevented them from enjoying this film on their own.

Sad, really.

(And I say this as someone who liked the film.)


Fuck you Brian. This is a totally amateur piece of crap masquerading as a film review when it is in fact you hate mail to Disney/Pixar. They didn't get to the level they are at now by putting out film after film of trash. You seem to be doing quite fine by doing that, however.

I say again, fuck you. Fuck yourself.


Look, I came hear to call you a biased retard. I then realized that doing so would actually make ME the biased retard. Hell, I haven't even seen the film. I'm just a fanboy, this I can openly admit. Perhaps I'll even agree with your analysis after seeing the thing.

However, I disagree with your review (again, haven't seen the movie) in that much of your dissatisfaction comes from the "hypocritical" message. "Disney decrying greed! Well that's just lunacy!" Well... not really. It's a movie. Movies are allowed to be judged on individual artistic merit. Maybe you should be happy that it's released by Disney, thereby allowing it to reach a larger audience.

But even then, It's not even Disney movie. It's Pixar's. Not the same thing. Disney is admittedly a greedy, schlocky, sometimes morally bankrupt company. Which I'm cool with, actually, gotta pay the bills. Pixar exists just to make movies. To make entertainment just for entertainment's sake, or for arts sake. For the purposes of review, it's a Pixar movie, not a Disney movie. Pixar still got soul, brotha. Pixar still got soul.

Now I realize I just spent a disproportionate amount of time defending a movie that I haven't even seen yet, on an internet forum. Not gonna change the world, or probably even your opinion. I just take issue with the merits by WHICH you judge the movie, that's all.

James Hawk III

Honestly--Ralph Bakshi never did a great thing in his entire, unlamented career. "Great?" He was never great. He was barely adequate, tinging on mediocre. If you think Bakshi was great, then I find it hard to respect any of your other opinions, because your tuner appears to be off the channel a few kilohertz.

Hey, I know: get out your VHS copy of C.H.U.D. and watch it all weekend. That'll surely improve your mood, and get the taste of this eloquent, elegiac animated movie out of your eyes and ears.

Bakshi great? It is to laugh. Well, either that or puke.


Let's see, you shit all over what is most likely going to be another piece of great animated film making, yet you gave a highly positive review to that steaming pile of shit Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? A film that is one big shitty mess from start to embarrassing end gets an "A"??

Not only are you as ugly as a shaved asshole and look like a pedophile, but you really should let your mother double check your reviews for bullshit and lack of taste.

You drag up "the great Ralph Bakshi" as if he's some master of the craft. Most of his work is SHIT. If you had mentioned Hayao Miyazaki you might have earned some taste points.

So while I haven't seen the film yet, I know as much about it to be able to detect that your opinion isn't worth the 300 dollars in ass wipe you must use to cover up the cuts you obtain when shaving that monkey face of yours.

But at the very least you can say you've created a stir of controversy with this "review" and have achieved at least a modicum of fame through the raised ire of the Rottentomatoes crew. I mean you have no talent (what critic really does?) so you do what you have to do to get mom that rent check every month.

In closing, everyone has a right to their opinion, as long as some people (you) realize that their opinion is wrong and that they should stick to fucking cats at the animal shelter instead of reviewing movies.

P.S. Here's a hint, try growing some hair on the TOP of your head, the goatee isn't fooling anyone.

P.P.S. Brian, I love you. Please kiss me. I need to be pushed out of the closet.

E-mail me:


Unlike all of these tools who are posting here, I've seen the movie.

Brian, you're spot on. Keep your chin up.


You've been posting review for nearly a decade now, and people are calling you an attention whore. Ha!

These comments reveal an enormous amount of brainless nitwits out there in the world, who have awful reading comprehension skills, defending a movie THEY HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN.

Kevin Johnson

The "great" Ralph Bakshi?! The guy who directed the decent Heavy Traffic and the rotoscoped monstrosity known as Lord of the Rings? The guy who directed Fire and Ice and Wizards? The same guy whose movie version of Fritz the Cat was so bad that creator R. Crumb killed off the character in his comics in protest? That Ralph Bakshi? The guy who directed Cool World, a movie about a convict who has sex with a cartoon (still holding a grudge against Crumb, perhaps?)? That "great" Ralph Bakshi? What has he even done in the last fifteen years?

Haven't seen Wall-E yet (don't know how many responders have), so I won't disagree with the reviewer yet, but let's get this straight about Pixar. Pixar WAS an independent studio (comparatively speaking), even while WALL-E was being hatched all those years ago--their movies were financed and distributed by Disney. The fact that Pixar recently allowed itself to be bought by Disney is beside the fact (especially since Lasseter practially has taken over the animation studio of Disney--he's nixed most of those dreadful straight to video features, along with a spat of apparently dreadful features in the works, including one that would have featured music by Elton John). If anything, complain about their affiliation with Apple and Steve Jobs.

Anyway, by my figuring, the filmmakers of any studio shouldn't be held accountable for the studio until proven that they are corporate shills themselves (I haven't seen that in Pixar films yet, though yes, I'd like to see fewer marketing tie-ins as well). It would be like blaming the creators of the Simpsons, Family Guy/American Dad, or King of the Hill for Fox's greed (yes, I understand that Fox doesn't make the shows, but Fox allow them to air, and the creators are making Rupert Murdoch richer, even as the shows decry greed and conservative politics).

Remember this: the most independent filmmaker in America is GEORGE LUCAS. He has the money to make any movie he wants, but he gave us the Star Wars prequels.


A new timeless treasure for the pretentious piffle professors love to distribute in their critical theory classes.


Speaking for everyone on Rotten Tomatoes, you're lucky you aren't a nigger, otherwise we'd all string you up for hating the cute robot movie.

Andrew Stanton

Brian, you bring up valid points.


Your a fat gerk, and i can't beleeve they allow u to write reviews.

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Brian, I respect that your were willing to share your feelings despite knowing, I'm sure, that you would be ridiculed for it. I don't particularly agree with your review, and I hope you can filter around the filthy, useless comments and take into consideration the comments that might have a point against what you said (such as maybe leaving out the review of the company and just reviewing the film). However, otherwise I say stick to your opinion.


wow..Now I haven't seen the film yet, in fact more than half of the people posting on here haven't seen the movie yet.. I can't believe what some people are saying on BOTH sides.Just because ONE critic doesnt care for Wall-e or Disney/pixar for that matter, doesnt mean you should go out and call him every bad name you could think of.He's not the deciding factor on this film's success, in fact he doesnt even matter,he's one critic out of hundreds of critics who will be reviewing this film. I'm so saddened because you guys were saying he wrote this because he's a jew or if he had been black he would've been lynched by i'm seeing this movie regardless of anyone's review of the film..why? because i want to see it..not because some guy believed it was horrible.reading these comments reminded me of how judgmental and stereotypical a lot of america is



Wait just one damn minute...

Brian is the best critic around."


You're the biggest ass-kissing patsy I've ever seen, Gregg. I usually only see that much ass-kissing at AICN.

What a little plant you are.

And by the way, "the best critic around", like the unintelligent little coward he is, erased by previous post. I'm surprised he can even see the delete button with all the shit that's being thrown in his eyes.

Poor little sap hates the movie just because he doesn't like Pixar.

What. A. Loser.

That's not a "critic". That's a damn troll. He's a disservice to the critic's circle and he doesn't even belong reviewing movies.

If he had HALF a brain, he'd figure out REAL QUICK that, just because you hate a studio, is no reason for you to destroy a movie like he did.

Just pathetic.

:D LOL...

Jay B.

What's with all the anti-semites? Dumb rednecks should stop banging their cousins, and maybe their daddies, for a second and show a little respect. Maybe Jews should stop making movies, but then what these clueless hillbillies have to grumble about?

Christina Williams

How in the hell is this a hypocritical movie? It's not going against anything. It's sending a message to people about what they're doing to the planet and what it could look like in the future.


U GAVE "B" TO ENCHANTED !!!!!!!!!!!

Kool Skatkat

Just because a movie is a Disney/Pixar, it's not allowed to decry greed? You don't like the story because you don't like the company. Hence white directors should only do movies with white people, women directors should only do women stories? At least put you biases aside, if Disney/Pixar are shooting themselves on the foot, let them. As if the movie is done by the whole company.

If you know the history of Pixar, you'd realise they are willing to protect the story even when it doesn't sell a product. If they manage to still sell a product, then be it.

You seem to want an apple and orange out of the same fruit. Good luck finding it.


This is a pretty pretentious review. You want to talk about an ice thin plot...your argument for why this is a hypocritical movie is poor and unrealistic. Obviously, someone will profit from the movie and yes Disney and pixar will reap the benefits allowing them to put more money into their evil schemes making children all over the world happy, and creating more satanic movies like monsters inc, and the truly disturbing "Finding Nemo." Mickey mouse will be using the money to buy out smaller owned business, making it real tough for mom and pop stores to survive, While Goofy and Pluto will be making money hand over fist and will continue to invest in haliburton. I understand what you are saying Brian, but really save your negativity for a film that deserves it.

Bill Gibron movie critic


Well said, dude.

Being overweight, I got highly OFFENDED by this preachy -no real story- movie!!!!


Boy, Brian, you are big fat faggot. I hope you get aids and die. I can't believe you liked the Love Guru and Happening more than sweet Wall.E

Homo. I'm ignoring your reviews.


QUOTE: "These comments reveal an enormous amount of brainless nitwits out there in the world, who have awful reading comprehension skills, defending a movie THEY HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN."

Man, you are RIGHT!

Jay B.

One question. Have any of you assholes even seen the movie yet?

Shannon Nutt

Brian, you're a complete tool and I wish you'd stop reviewing movie you fucking queer.

Go back to fag island and die. Stay off DVD Talk!

Jay B.

What's with the slowdown? Did all the shut-ins finally venture out of Mom's basement and see the movie?


"Being overweight I was highly offended", are you fucking kidding me Ian.
C'mon guy, everyone else is rippin' on poor old Brian for being an out-of-touch douchebag, try not to add the dubious distinction of "Champion of the gravity challenged" to his resume of embarassing personal accomplishments.
Oh by the way, saw the movie, and except for the number of kids in the audience, (enraptured and thoroughly enjoying themselves, by the way), my wife and I had a great time. I also had no trouble at all completely discounting Brian's dubious logic for his review of the movie.
Try and think a little bit here guy, when the innocent movie going public goes to a movie, they are not worried about the pro's and con's of the studio that created the film, they are only looking for a good entertainment experience. But then along comes an emotionally challenged out-of-touch douchebag like yourself, who gives a wonderful movie a bad review for the aforementioned ignorant reasons. And after reading said bad review it's possible, although unlikely given your general lack of credibilty, but still minutely possible, that someone who might otherwise have thoroughly enjoyed this movie to decide against seeing it.
Now, as a published and "Respected", (I use term loosely of course), critic, how exactly does that help you to do your job. Does your lack of the ability to create that disconnect while seeing a movie help in any way. I will of course continue to read your reviews. But as your name and opinions have been added to the list of critics that I read simply for the amusement factor, the only word of mouth you'll get from me will be, "Read the review of that biased unimaginative douchebag Brian Orndorf, you'll get a good laugh from his bad review, then go see the movie anyway"


Great review. You are spot on, but you forgot to mention those emotionally manipulative mechanical puppy dog eyes. :)

David Roth

First, Brian I'm really sorry some of these comments are going beyond the line.

I think the problem of your review is that this film really should be viewed in the vacuum of the individuals making it. Like pretty much anyone in a creative field, there's a reckless creative side and always a marketing side... They made Wall-E cute to be sympathetic in the film, not to maximize marketability. Would you call out a toy company for making a profit by selling the cutest toy it could think of? That cute toy gives of people pleasure either way. It's ALWAYS a mix of creativity and commerce and the two can't be separated. The idea of Pixas/Disney handcuffing themselves the way you're essentially implying that they should - to avoid being hypocritical - just doesn't make any realistic sense.


Who the hell is so completely fucking pathetic that they meltdown because of a disparaging review of a children's movie on the internet?


My God, you would think Wall-E was a real person based on the way people are taking this review so personally! I am in full agreement with you about this movie. It was insulting, and I think pointing out the hypocrisy of those who made it is insightful and relevant. Went to see it with my children, my 10 year old said, "I thought it was going to be funnier." The opening short is brilliant, the movie had some good points, but I left the theater feeling like a cute little robot had just spit in my face.


I agree with this review. In contrast to the previous Pixar films, this one just didn't cut it. You are left waiting and waiting for the big, excitement, super Pixar WOW factor and we got nothing. I am a fan of animated films and this one just went flat.

I found that the regular film/people entered into the animation doesn't work for Pixar. It worked for movies like Mary Poppins and Flubber but not here. To use this concept they should have had real people on the Axiom. They could have animated the "Hello Dolly" sequence and Fred Willard for that matter. Another piece that just did not fit.

Ida Rust

Finally some critical people on this Earth...
Best thing abouth Wall-E: the Mac booth sound of Wall.E: here you've the message of the movie served on a plate :-D


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I wish I'd read this first. I wish I'd walked out. You stand proud as one of the few who saw past the sugar coating.


Sometimes films (and novels for that matter) aren't created to pass a message (that's sometimes so hidden that it's not really there) so critics can pick it to pieces and criticise it for the portrayal of those messages - sometimes they are created because there's a nice, fun, cute story to tell that is enough for 95% of people to enjoy. I like to watch a movie or read a book without saying to myself - so what is this movie really about - what's the secret hidden message? Wall E was a fun film for the family and I really enjoyed it at that level and so should you - leave it at that!!


Great critic. Exactly what I was looking for. I wondered if I was alone feeling the movie was overlong, had a thin story, and was devoid of true feelings. I'm a big fan of Pixar movies, but I feel they lack the magic and fun previous ones had (Toy Story, A Bug's Life, or even Monsters Inc, not to mention the incredible The Incredibles).


I have to agree with about 90% of the previous comments. The problem with your review is that it's a review of a studio rather than a film. Also it's misguided.

Firstly, you hardly spend any time reviewing the movie. You don't touch on the stated point of the movie, which is the love story between the two main characters. A love story that is well developed, genuine, and special between two characters that we are given ample reasons to care about.

You, instead, criticize the filmmaker because the movie was produced by a studio that you don't like. Your claim that the movie's anti-consumerism message (which the director has said many times isn't actually the message, the love story is) is somehow less effective because it's a Disney movie is off topic and wrong. Not only did you miss the point of the film but you fail to provide an alternative for either the studio or the director. What are big studios to do? Any smart script must be passed on because only indy films can be smart? What are film makers to do? Not allow their film to be made by studios who might try to promote it?

I guess you win in the end because I spent the time actually typing this in response to your tripe. But gosh, being antagonistic sure is cute, huh???


Boy, if we're gonna cut out every movie that was made with the money from iffy backers... well, let's just say those AFI list shows are gonna get real short.

Not to mention all that Renaissance art we have to throw in the sea.

The Bard

It's nice that towards the end of the scathing, profane, illiterate screeches wailing at your dissenting review, there are a few people able to articulate their agreement with your view of the film. I saw it over the weekend and was fully underwhelmed by the movie, stunned at the rave reviews. I didn't hate it but it was an extremely forgettable movie that left no impression on me - well, other than it was overrated.

Love your comments about consumerism and greed; I think that every time I see a kid's "message movie" with toys & games of every imaginable kind marketed with it.


I cannot understand why there is so much hate on this site because someone has an opinion that isn't following the masses. I just saw Wall-E this past weekend and it gave me a headache. I'm a 25 yr old adult and was nearly bored to tears during the first 45 minutes, so I have no clue how it's target audience, children, in the ADD run society had the patience to sit through it. And yes, it's just supposed to be a movie, but what does a robot know of human emotion? Is there something in its programming? And why was the earth covered in trash? And I can't stand movies that put human actors with computer animation that makes no sense. Just my opinion. I'm assuming most of these posters have to be in middle school, b/c no adult should post comments referring to someone's race/culture or say it's worse than cancer. Unnecessary.

Peter W


I admired the realistic landscape of dusty abandoned cities and skyscraper high piles of compacted trash portrayed in fine state of the art animated detail. The beginning of the movie has a lonely poetic mood. Later the Eve robot enters and there is a mystery about what it’s mission is and hair trigger destructiveness.
But there was also a foreshadowing of the Disney cuteness to come with the Jiminy Cricket-like cockroach pal who follows Wall-E.
The mystery of the film declines as the Wall-E starts speaking and the spacecraft takes us to what is not an alien ship but turns out to be an outpost of earth. Enter the stylized fat people refugees of a polluted inhospitable planet. I can appreciate the more critical themes but the movie loses it’s post apocalyptic desert-like mood shifts to the spaceship and devolves into cuteness and a more typical Disnified fable with several chase scenes and the romantic (blech) affection between Wall-E and Eve the robot. There is a disconnect between the realistic look and texture of Wall-E’s appearance and the humans which are clearly cartoons and the Fred Willard character who appears as a real person. I know this may be sacrilege but I would have preferred the humans as real actors because visually the Wall-E robot looks completely realistic down to the weathered dirty metal and worn paint (however then overweight people would be offended even more than they already were-they do have a point).
It seems as though what had started as a commentary on modern man becoming fat and lazy by technology are suddenly exempt from responsibility because it turns out they were just victims of this spaceship set up where everything was provided for them. So the critical edge is lost, the theme of a planet spoiled by pollution and trash is replaced by the theme that we need to break away from automated systems where everything is provided for us.
The irony is that Pixar represents the state of the art for these artificial realities which may be part of the type of high tech distractions that the film suggests is making us complacent consumers.
Irony aside, the people don’t take responsibility for the bleak state of the world that is depicted at the beginning of the film. The villains in the movie are the central robots of the spaceship who for some unexplained reason don’t want to follow through with the directive that if plants can grow on earth the ship should return to earth. This is the weak point of the story. Maybe these robots had gotten attached to the cleanliness of space and didn’t want to dirty up the ship. Spolier: the fatties return to earth presumably happy to start work tilling the soil all day long in a garbage dump. O.K. I suppose I’ll give a little license there because the movie does show a step up for a Disney film to include aspects of more serious issues related themes.
The animation and landscapes were beautifully executed.
My favorite part of the film was the mood created in the silent first half hour of the film and I would rather for that to have continued for the rest of the movie perhaps without any humans being shown at all and some sort of different development of the story. For other people, I guess, the part I like is what they found boring. I would have liked there to have been no outer space part. There could have been other types of robots silently doing things on the vacated earth, maybe some that did strange things that looked like leisure activities or malfunctioning in different ways or some robots ordering other robots to do things. I preferred the eve robot as it appeared initially as an alien robot.
One of the more interesting parts of the movie is when Eve takes in the plant and then shuts down. It might would have been more interesting to maintain this mystery and not have some of these things fully explained and a neat happily ever after ending. Alright, it was a G rated Disney film I should be expecting that. However expectations were raised with this movie and it did meet them half way.


Oddly enough... I haven't seen many Wall-E items for sale, it seems to be fairly low key, I had actually wondered the same thing when I left the theater: "Wait... how can they sell objects with the message in the movie?"

Well, either way. I read your review, and many others on your site - You are determined to hate this film. I disagree, and found the film to be on par with Ratatouille. (In the pixar scheme of awesome movies)

...I really don't have to insult you do I? Seems every insult has been taken.


I totally agree with you about the hypocritical nature of the movie, I was thinking about Disney and Consumerism and High School Musical Merchandise on the way to the movie, but I would be lying if I said I thought about it during the movie, because I was, honestly, completely and thoroughly thrilled, entertained, blown away.

But what if we removed the whole stigma of Disney consumerism and looked objectively at the movie? The first 30 minutes were amazing. Seriously.

And have you ever seen a character developed so incredibly well without dialogue?

I don't know, but I loved WALL-E and recommend it to everyone in the world.

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