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The Dragnet "City of Crime" Music Video


I am a rather unabashed fan of the 1987 film update of “Dragnet.” Tom Hanks doesn’t like it, but I certainly do.

Perhaps I adore the picture (semi-review here) because I was at a certain age when everything clicked just because it got my ass out of the house and into a movie theater; however, I’ve revisited the movie over the years and it remains a strongly entertaining, ka-razy movie. Maybe a relic of 80’s slapstick/action overkill (thanks “Beverly Hills Cop”), but it’s a terrifically strange mystery movie with bizarre characters, an unleashed Tom Hanks, and weird love for the iconic television source material. Even if you hated the film, there has to be some adoration for Dan Aykroyd’s barnstorming performance as Sgt. Joe Friday.

My kiddie fandom extended to the acquiring of the soundtrack, which at the time I enjoyed, but now seems like a super-duper dated end result of Hollywood suits still chasing the elusive world of this newfangled “hip-hop” the kids were digging, yo. This means, of course, that Aykroyd and Hanks were recruited to record a rap number titled “City of Crime.”

I was only recently informed that the actors filmed a music video for the song, and boy-oh-boy is it hilarious. You can feel the discomfort in the room; the mental questioning of promises made to marketing reps as Aykroyd and Hanks try to keep their game faces on and enjoy what I’m sure they thought would be a simple promotional tool buried immediately upon completion. If you look closely, you can actually see Tom Hanks firing his agent in the background!

The Virgin Connie Swail would not approve.

The quality stinks and the sync is appalling, but you get the picture in no time.   




This should really be on the DVD.

JoBlo did a list of bad movie-tie in music videos and this was number one. Back then they had a version on YouTube that was properly synched.

Also funny is the Short Circuit "Who's Johnny?" El Debarge music video which The Gute was too busy to appear in -- so they used a black-and-white cardboard standee of him.


tom hanks and dan aykroyd were pioneers of rap metal, yo! proof positive! love it!

George senda

I loved this movie. Most people don't realize that Jack Webb had a great sense of humor that didn't show up much on screen. I think he would have liked the movie too. Humor shows up with his interaction with Harry Morgan on Dragnet.

This movie probably bombed because people couldn't see Dragnet as a comedy.

Now if someone would release Webb's UFO series on dvd...

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