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April 2008

Film Review: Leatherheads


George Clooney has not only proven himself to be one of the most charismatic actors working today, but he’s become something of a versatile director as well. “Leatherheads” is certainly the zaniest film he’s made so far, but it rings a bell of constant delight; Clooney attempts to capture a bygone big-screen mood and gets the job done with mud in his hair, whiskey on his breath, and a goofy grin on his face.

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Film Review: My Blueberry Nights


Adored international filmmaker Wong Kar Wai makes his English-language debut with the sultry atmospheric piece, “My Blueberry Nights.” If you’re already a student of the director’s work, perhaps “Nights” will feel regressive and unusually aimless; however, those unfamiliar with Wong’s warm waters might find the picture alluring enough to crave his more eloquent cinematic forays.

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