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Hate Mail: "30 Days of Night" Blu-ray Review


From: Joshua Pearl

Re: "30 Days of Night"

I read your review of '30 Days of Night' and... I really must strongly disagree with your opinion and your approach.  I can understand the fact that everyone has a different opinion on a movie, and even though I very much enjoyed 30 Days of Night (as I believe a majority of moviegoers did), I can respect the fact that you didn't.

However, I also feel you're a little off-base allowing so much of your disappointment with the movie shape your review of this blu-ray disc.

In all honesty, the majority of early adopters don't come to these sites to read your thoughts about the movie itself, they are interested in your thoughts on the presentation and explanation of the extras.

I just think you're doing a disservice to the blu-ray/high definition enthusiasts who come to your site for a well-rounded, unbiased review of the blu-ray disc itself, only to be told to "rent it" because you're one of the few who didn't like the movie.

I do see that you have good marks to the disc for audio and video (which it actually deserved higher for, but that's a different e-mail), but overall the bottom line is people immediately scan for that "rent it", "recommended" quick hit line you provide as a major part of your review.

I don't think it's right that this is based so much off your personal thoughts of the movie, it works to discredit the Web site's review procedure more than it does any positive in giving readers "the truth" of the movie.

Again, just my opinion, but I feel compelled to write this time because I noticed the same treatment with 3:10 to Yuma (not sure who reviewed it).  It absolutely boggled my mind with some of the stuff that gets "recommended" here, but Yuma (a spectuacular technical blu-ray disc and a fun, well-acted movie) gets a "rent it"

It doesn't make any sense, and I see a growing lack of consistency in the reviews here, which is driving myself and others to other sites, such as DVDtown, high def. digest, dvdauthority,,, and others.

Brian note: This is a typical trollish e-mailer hiding behind an air of media-king arrogance. Bottom line is: this guy is 30 and works for a newspaper, yet doesn't understand reviews are personal opinion. Yeowch. I'm like a magnet for these goons.



Well, it seems more like he's criticizing you for not detailing the technical aspects of the disc rather than talking about the movie.

But all I care about is what Brian thought of the movie, not the disc. I could find that information anywhere, and honestly, I don't really care. If I liked the movie enough to buy it on DVD, I'm just going to buy the DVD. Unless your review says that the disc will make my DVD player explode, I'm going to buy it regardless of how shitty you think the transfer is.

Cameron G

Brian, if this moron doesn't understand that reviews MUST contain personal opinion, then just ignore him.

What a douche.

He seems more pissed that you didn't enjoy that crappy movie anyway.

Great review BTW. I'm not sure what this jerk is complaining about.

Mike M

There are plenty of morons like the above mentioned 30 year old newspaper doucebag. You know who he reminds me of? The "experts" who worship Harry Knowles (I mean, overweight, ugly facial hair, what's not to love, right?). Brian, keep your chin up. I have a feeling that your enemy is living on roman noodles right now, and will be doing so for a long, long time.

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