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From: Tyler

RE: "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem"

I have seen this movie and I enjoyed every minute of it. Don't listen to this idiot's (Brian Orndorf) rant against this film. This is a great movie if you are into either the aliens or the predator films.
Alien vs predator 2 is a Great film for the fans, for the FANS, not the critics. Why do you think they did not allow critics to view this film before its opening. Simply because morons like you posting their stupid views on something they know nothing about. Reading this 'blog' here i am totally pissed off.
Brian Orndorf you are a moron! I would like to meet you and wave my middle finger in your face. I say all this as if your opinion matters to anyone who has viewed this movie anyway.

Its obvious to me in your comment here that your personal views conflicted with this film, check your mental state, if unstable stay out of the theatre.

You state that Shane Salerno has a "black heart"? lol. You are obviously not into the modern horror scene. Have you ever even seen any of the Saw films? Or where they to 'vile' for your closed mind? All the saw films took number 1 in the box office. This must mean that half of American is filled with "black hearts"?

I must state that you are a prick and you need to pull your head out of your ass. Oh and one last thing, what kind of a faggot watches "Saved by the Bell"? *cough* Brian Orndorf *cough*

To further justify the use of "bottom-of-the-barrel actors"? adult and child alike as Alien/Predator prey;
The aliens know no compassion or mercy. In your rant here you prove that you don't know a thing about these films... This movie is as above state for the FANS. The Brothers Strause are fans of these films and they did a wonderful job of bringing their vision to the big screen.


Brian, you've caught the ghey if you dont like AVP movie.


I disagree and thought this movie was 1000 times better than the first AVP. So you can go ahead and also suck a wet fart out of my ass.


I enjoyed it and will see it again in the theatre. As I've said numerous times in the past few weeks.....the lemming critics won't like it if it's not Driving Miss Daisy because it doesn't make you all warm and happy inside. Jackasses. These are probably the same idiots that raved about Brokeback Mountain.


I saw the movie today and the gore is great. Makes it feel like you're watching something that actually happened. Instead of something you aren't sure happened or not cause the camera cut away at the last minute for a PG-13 rating. From the sound of it, the reviewer is speaking like he was an aliens fan boy and when he saw predator, it scared him so he's been bias ever since. Anyways, much better than the first AVP, save the crappy reviews.


From: John

Re: "Water Horse"

I'm not much of a letter-writer, at least as far as rebuttals to
critics go, but I just had to weigh in on your review of The Water

My family and I just saw it today and frankly I have to wonder
whether or not we saw the same movie as you. What we saw was a
wonderfully acted, beautifully photographed film. It was charming and
funny early on, thrilling and, yes, a bit frightening later. My kids
enjoyed it quite a bit as did my wife and I. You couldn't be farther
off on this one.

Perhaps you were just in a bad mood or having a bad
day. Whatever the reason you were far, far off the mark. And judging by
the reviews tallied at Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. you are very
much in the minority in your opinion of this movie. Roger Ebert summed
up the movie about as well as anyone I've read. Perhaps you should try
it again when you're in a better frame of mind.

I do like to think of myself as a discerning moviegoer. I won't get near Alvin And The
Chipmunks or many of the other pieces of dreck masquerading as family
films this year (Underdog? Shrek 3? Yeccchhh!) but I will
wholeheartedly recommend The Water Horse to friends seeking family
entertainment that engages the viewer with first-rate values throughout
and doesn't insult the intelligence. You missed it by a mile and a half
on this one.


Lady A

Why do I read this stuff?!

Jay B

It looks like your homeboy Tyler might be a little insecure about his sexuality.

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