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From James Madge

RE: "Saw IV"

Please tell me you're not getting paid for your reviewing? Utterly atrocious, ill-informed nonsense.

There was no 'mess' at the end of the third film, just a few loose ends which were tied up nicely this time around. And the apparent 'mess' left at the end of this movie, also loose ends to be tied up with Saw V. I'm sure there'll be more 'mess' at the end of that too, seeing as there's another chapter in the story.

Do you read half a book and complain that it's got a messy ending, without realising there is another half still to read? Did you watch one Star Wars film and think it was crap because there was no explanation? How you can 'expose' so-called plot-holes when there are still two chapters (at the very least) to go is beyond me.

But keep up the reviewing. I like a good laugh!


From Daniel

RE: "Redline"

I just read a review about Redline on the site. The reason for writing this is that I completely disagree with what was written, and I'd like to explain why. I consider myself a car enthusiest, so I was really excited to see this movie - with the expectation of a paper-thin plot. To my surprise, I absolutely LOVED the movie. Maybe it is because I went in with low expectations that the plot entertained me til the end. I am a straight 23 year-old male. I think I am in the PRECISE target audience that the director sold this film to - which is probably why I liked it and the author of this article didn't. I do know a little about movie-making, but my specialty is in music. I thought that the music in the film was perfectly suitable. I am a vocal major at BGSU in Ohio, and I know a good singer when I hear one. I was really surprised at how well "Nadia" sang. As far as the fight-scenes, I was also impressed at how they were
choreographed. Just because they incorporated martial arts doesn't mean it's "Segal-like." I've seen Segal's films and they don't even deserve to be acknowledged to the public.

I just thought that this review was unfair - especially considering that the author didn't disclose genuine reasons as to why he wrote the review. He could have also given the readers his age and opinion on cars in general. This was a guys movie, written by a car enthusiest FOR car enthusiests, who also enjoy close-ups of gorgeous women. I think the writers here should be more fair when writing such
opinionated reviews and also include specific reasons as to why they feel the way they do.

Thank you for your time.

(Brian Note: Reviews are personal opinion...everyone gets that, right?)



I think Number One is faking his British accent in an attempt to impress you.

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