Hate Mail: Tyler Perry Edition
Review Rodeo (10/26/07)

Review Rodeo (10/19/07)

Gone Ben Affleck directs the hell out of "Gone Baby Gone."

Combacks "The Comebacks" is a lampoon for maroons.

30_2  The movie itself, not vampires, sucks the most in "30 Days of Night."

Reservation Guilt takes a beatin' on "Reservation Road."

Rendition The true torture of "Rendition" is to watch it.

Things "Things We Lost in the Fire" is stunning drama.

Commandments God herself would hate these animated "Ten Commandments."

War_made_easy Turns out President Bush is the least of our worries in this "War Made Easy."

Sarah_landon_and_the_paranormal_hou Nobody has heard of "Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour."

Local_color "Local Color" equates painting and pubes.


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