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Hate Mail: Tyler Perry Edition

Madea_5 It seems whenever I review Tyler Perry product, the mail flows right on in. The mogul has an army of loyal followers, and they hate when some silly "white boy" (their words, not mine) comes in and besmirches the profitable Perry brand, making sure to let me know that I don’t understand the African-American experience.

Perhaps I don’t, but I’m pretty good at detecting rancid filmmaking, sociopathic screenwriting, and acting I wouldn’t subject to my worst enemy. Of course, this is lost on carefully programmed minds.

Here are some highlights:

RE: People Like You Make Me Sick

You know, you would think that the world has change, sad to say that it hasn't... You people hate to see a Black Man be successful in what he does... If it is not made by a White film make then it is not sophistication... Who and left you God to judge what is sophistication... Tyler make movies that relates to the lives the the Black people live because you racist white people don't... Stop hating and give the man the respect that he deserves and until you live and walk a day in the black world don't judge... It saddens me to be long to a human race that include people like you...Remember you to will be judged hater...


From: Jimmy Lewis

Mr. Orndorf, it seems that you are clearly misguided in your evaluation of Mr. Perry's latest movie.  This was an outstanding film that depicted black people as many of are...working, successful professionals that face the same everyday problems as our white counterparts.  It seems as though, mainstream (white) America has a problem with this.  If we portray ourselves as anything other than pimps, hustlers, rappers, "ghetto fabulous", etc., you all have a problem with that.  As far as the scene of the white lady being afraid of the black women in the upscale store, that is 100% true and accurate.  It happens all the time...and the depiction of gays, well, hey that was over the top but it also was funny.  I myself am a 30 yr old, black IT professional who earns a six figure income and I can relate to many of the things that went on in this movie either by experience or by knowing someone who has gone through it. Bottom line, this was a great movie which would explain why it topped the box office when it is only showing in 2000 instead of 3000 theaters...and FYI, Daddy's Little Girls earned 30.1 million its opening weekend in the box office...I would hardly call that a failure.

(Brian note: "Daddy's Little Girls" opened with 11.2 million back in February. It is a hilariously awful picture)


From: Renee

If it where not for God this world would not be here, which means you would not be here.  If you are one of those educational, there has to be a logical reason for everything i got you there to.  I have taken Philosophy of Religion so you can’t pull that on me.  Wheatear you think there is a God or not, there is a force that brought the world into play something that is more powerful than all of us put together.  Do not allow the devil to use you like that. You people love to see negative thins all around you.  You critics give praise to people shooting up people and Fake warlords and vampires killing people, as well as movies that praise sex!  But when it comes to something positive, that the family can enjoy, not to mention that is a positive African American movie, Hollywood thinks it is not good enough.  Well Guess what God has the last say so and Why did I get Married is the number one movie in America.  But it is okay we all have our own opinions and it looks like your opinion did not count. 

A God Fearing Woman

(Brian note: “Why Did I Get Married?” semi-endorses infidelity and uses STDs as a comedic device. Bring the kids!)


From: Jamal

How was the homosexual depiction offensive?  Tell me you have never seen homosexual men that look and act just like that and I'll tell you to get out more! And in an hour 58 minutes of a movie if that is one of the things you take issue with, then you have issues.
Your review seems to give praise on the one hand and take it back with the other. All the characters were strong and real. Whether you like God or not, he is in the mix of everything whether you want him or not. 



I have taken Philosophy of Religion so you can't pull that on me.

Lady A

I knew I shouldn't have read those!! Now I wanna go kill all those people....I guess I'm letting the devil use me....

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