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Film Review - Second Nature


30 years ago, Hollywood was beginning its obsession with body-swap comedies, with movies such as “Like Father, Like Son,” “Vice Versa,” “18 Again,” and “Big” offering variations on the “Freaky Friday” formula, finding mischief in the confusion of people stuck in different bodies. “Second Nature” escalates the concept, altering human history to fit its fantasy quota. What should be a zeitgeist-snapping effort of gender examination and appreciation is left a bit underwhelming, with co-writer/director Michael Cross unable to get the juices flowing when it comes to laughs or societal inspection, left with a middling endeavor that doesn’t stimulate enough smiles, but benefits from two engaged performances from leads Collette Wolfe and Sam Huntington, who often save the picture with their spirited work.  Read the rest at


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