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While adaptations of Stephen King novels are common, the big screen has enjoyed a recent revival of the author’s work, making it feel like the 1980s all over again. Unfortunately, August’s “The Dark Tower” was a mess and perhaps a poor choice for a cinematic experience to begin with, finding its labyrinthine story too complex for a 90 minute run time, leaving behind more questions than answers. Far more successful is “It,” which brings King’s 1986 book to life in extraordinary ways, with director Andy Muschietti capably handling the curves and history of King’s source material, doing an excellent job of focus when dealing with a massive book (over 1,000 pages). “It” is frightening, as to be expected with a demonic clown for an antagonist, but it’s also richly realized (supported by an epic sense of childhood fears and desires), evocative, and outstandingly acted. While it liberally cuts material from the original book, Muschietti still fashions a complete and irresistible experience of fear, easily topping “The Dark Tower” as the premiere King joint of the year, but it’s also one of his finest translations overall, with the production getting the author’s macabre imagination just right. Read the rest at


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