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Film Review - Clowntergeist


A film like “Clowntergeist” doesn’t just happen by accident. With Stephen King’s “It” poised to do significant business at the box office this month, there’s always room for interlopers -- knock-off productions looking to collect a few bucks from those hungry for more. In this case, it’s a question of killer clowns emerging from a demonic space, with writer/director Aaron Mirtes going the no-budget route when assembling his take on heavily painted horror. “Clowntergeist” doesn’t exactly live up to the promise of its title, but it hopes to jolt viewers with shock jumps on the soundtrack and clown-based imagery, giving the movie some hustle while it tries to machete through amateurish production efforts, including dismal acting. It’s hard to image a movie with this title could be disappointing, but the picture just doesn’t bring the clownpocalypse like it should.  Read the rest at


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