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Blu-ray Review - The Blue Racer


While productions from the DePatie-Freleng animation company were never known for their cultural sensitivities, some caution is advised before sitting down with "The Blue Racer." While ostensibly an ongoing tale about a blue snake and his never-ending quest to find a meal, the cartoon series (released in theaters between 1972 and 1974) is perhaps best known for the character of Japanese Beetle, who's depicted as a buck-toothed, English-bending insect, fulfilling most, if not all Asian stereotypes. It's a lengthy examination of bad taste comedy that would make Mickey Rooney wince, but the DePatie-Freleng production team isn't necessarily mean-spirited about it, following comedy targets of the day to help provide clarity of character. It's ugly, no doubt, and perhaps the whole series is best left tucked inside the folds of animation history, but for those willing to look beyond a bad idea, "The Blue Racer" provides manic chases and disasters, sold with customary cartoon fury and, mercifully, some brevity.  Read the rest at


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