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Blu-ray Review - The Crucible


"The Crucible" is one of the most important plays in American theatrical history, and Arthur Miller's 1953's work has justly earned a wealth of accolades and deep analysis over the decades, with particular emphasis on the material's Red Scare inspiration. Constructed during a time of McCarthyism, where paranoia and fear ruled the land, Miller elected to have history comment on the destructive situation at hand, reviving the Salem Witch Trials for audiences craving a dissection of condemnation, building a bridge between unthinkable madness from a feral time and similar recklessness in a modern age. It's brilliant work, and yet, multiple attempts to adapt Miller's play for the screen have been hit or miss, often losing something in the translation. 1996's "The Crucible" appears to have everything it needs to successfully launch a new take on the material, including top-tier actor Daniel Day-Lewis in a starring role, a screenplay by Miller himself, and direction by Nicolas Hytner, fresh off his international success with 1994's "The Madness of King George." And yet, the feature weirdly flatlines right off the bat, failing to stir up a level of frenzy and horror that should organically flow though a movie that explores the pure psychological and physical destruction of a village enslaved by religious fervor and legal lunacy.  Read the rest at


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