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Director Jonathan Mostow was once primed to become a major force in thriller cinema. 20 years ago, he helmed “Breakdown,” an effective suspense piece starring Kurt Russell. “U-571” followed, while the moderately engaging “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” permitted Mostow to take a bite out of blockbuster moviemaking. But that was pretty much all he was allowed to get away with, returning in 2009 for “Surrogates,” a career-slowing misfire. And now, nearly a decade later, he returns with “The Hunter’s Prayer,” a “Taken”-style actioner arriving too late to matter, starring Sam Worthington, who seems to have an allergic reaction to giving expressive, meaning performances. It’s an uphill battle for the production, but it doesn’t have the motivation to be either a brutal chase picture or a sensitive study of an ailing hitman. Read the rest at


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