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Thomas Vinterberg is a founding member of the Dogme 95 movement and a helmer typically drawn to provocative material. He’s mastered the art of cinematic confrontation, exploring haunted characters put through Hell in “The Hunt” and his 1998 breakout endeavor, “The Celebration.” Vinterberg is sensational with emotional wreckage, and his streak continues with “The Commune,” assembling another trial of unbearable decisions for his characters with this semi-autobiographical effort. Once again, troubled people come together with the purest of intentions, only to watch their lives explode with conflict, with Vinterberg overseeing excellent performances and crushing turns of plot. There’s a newfound sense of manipulation in play, but the helmer accesses some profound feelings here, building a nicely pained drama that could be interpreted as a spiritual sequel to “The Celebration.” Read the rest at


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