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Blu-ray Review - Teen Witch


The "Teen Witch" that exists today is a major cult film, beloved by a certain audience raised on the movie through cable and VHS repetition, bending to the effort's strange magic through extensive study of its earnest details. The picture wasn't always appreciated like that, with its 1989 theatrical release disastrous, offered to audiences unwilling to accept the endeavor's eye-crossing mixture of musical numbers, teen anxiety, and dark arts, making it more of a fit for sleepover party analysis and lazy afternoon viewings. It's difficult to peel the reputation of "Teen Witch" away from its actual creative accomplishments, but director Dorian Walker provides something familiar that's appealing to those hungering for a surprisingly pure shot of sincerity, keeping the picture cheeky and bizarre, but also universal with its themes of social acceptance and displays of fantasy power. It's not impossible to comprehend why the feature is so popular these days, it's just more difficult to digest some of effort's broader scenes of personal expression and romantic intent. Read the rest at


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