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Film Review - 1 Mile to You


While it isn’t used as a gimmick, “1 Mile to You” does reunite actor Billy Crudup with the sport of distance running, where he once portrayed legend Steve Prefontaine in 1998’s “Without Limits.” Crudup’s comfort on his feet and two decades worth of acting experience certainly provides much needed help to “1 Mile to You,” which mixes sport film formula with a personal drama about grief. It’s based on a book and feels it, with director Leif Tilden fighting to preserve narrative expanse, but only cherry picking moments that covey the movement of a life. It’s somewhat ironic that a picture about endurance is exhausted long before it’s over, but the production has trouble prioritizing characters and confrontations, making the movie more of a chore to watch after a decent, heartfelt first half. Read the rest at


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